10 Things you didn’t know about Chris Pine

10 Things you didn’t know about Chris Pine

Chris Pine is an American actor best known for his role in movies like Star Trek, Wonder Woman, Princess Diaries 2, and most recently the Don’t Worry Darling film.

The latter movie directed by Olivia Wilde is getting a lot of social media buzz thanks to a viral twitter clip. Harry Styles being attached to her sophomore film as a director and the online drama definitely helps too.

But we’re happy its bringing Chris Pine back on the radar and we’re not complaining!

Chris Pine isn’t new to the limelight but there are some things about this actor that even some ‘pine nuts’ aren’t aware of.

Here are ten exciting things you might not know about Chris Pine!

1. Acting runs in the family

Both of Chris Pines’s parents were actors and you might recognize them from various 70s and 80s shows. His father, Robert Pine, even made an appearance on The Office as Jim’s dad.

So the world of cameras, red carpets and acting isn’t new to this star trek star. His mother, Gwynne Gilford, is mainly known for the film ‘Fade to black’ while his father, Robert, was famous for his lead role in ‘CHIPs.’

2. Chris was one of the youngest actors to play a lead role on Star Trek

Have you watched the 2009 Star Trek film? The Star Trek universe is a worldwide phenomenon with fans across different generations. So in 2007, when Paramount Pictures was looking for their lead actor for the Star Trek reboot, everyone wanted to know who would get the coveted job of playing Captain Kirk! 

Captain Kirk -Star Trek

Credit @Star Trek

Chris Pine was one of the youngest actors being considered for the role. And he got it at age 28! Many Star Trek fans grew up with Chris Pine as their captain James T Kirk.

3. Chris Pine didn’t want to be an actor 

Most people would kill (not literally of course ) for the chance to be born into a family of actors, especially if they wanted to follow in the footsteps of legendary actors and actresses in Hollywood.

Despite this, Chris Pine wasn’t interested in acting; instead, pursuing his love of literature and studying English at the University of California. But he couldn’t deny his acting chops and later decided to pursue a career on screen. 

4. Chris got his first acting gig at age 3 

If you’re a true Chris Pine fan, it shouldn’t surprise you that Chris appeared on the show CHIPs as Robert Pine’s   fictional son. His mother also appeared in the same series when she was pregnant with Chris.

 So maybe that’s two appearances before the age of 5? The next memorable role Chris Pine can remember was on a 2003 episode of the ER where he played  a drunk teenager. 

5. He doesn’t let people touch his eyebrows

Sounds weird, right? But it makes sense because as an actor, you must go through a lot of facial makeup and style changes to achieve the desired look for a tv show or movie. 

Chris Pine on Star Trek

Credit @ Star Trek 2009

Chris says they once tried to dye his eyebrow hair, and on another occasion, almost plucked them. To avoid unpleasant experiences, he just told them all to keep off. And we can’t blame him at all! If you loved the Star Trek movie, check out this Star Trek tv show ranking!

6. Pine has worked a regular job

Chris Pine might be an actor, but he also had other jobs in his life, which some celebrity fans might term as ‘regular’ .During an interview with Esquire magazine, Chris said he once got a job at a French restaurant in 2013.

But he didn’t like it at all. Chris said the worst part of the job was serving and getting people ketchup. 

7. He has a thing for shoes

Most people have their fetishes and desires, so does Chris Pine. The famous actor has a fascination for shoes, especially when they’re on womens feet. He doesn’t have to collect or wear them; even looking at them is enough for him.

Chris Pine on Star Trek

Credit @ Star Trek 2009

During an interview, he said “ A good pair of heels on a woman is a sight to behold”. And we believe him because all women are simply beautiful. 

8. He’s had some interesting fan encounters 

Fame doesn’t come easy. Celebrities must sacrifice a lot when they become famous, including their privacy and ability to live a normal life.

From people mistaking him for other actors or attempting to do questionable things to or for him, Chris Pine has had his fair share of weird fan interactions.

He was once chased by a star trek fan wearing only a sock and shouting ‘Captain Kirk.’ As unbelievable as that sounds, we’re sure he won’t be forgetting that anytime soon.

9. Chris Pine was arrested in 2014

Chris Pine has once been caught on the wrong side of the law. He was arrested and fined $93 for drunk driving in New Zealand in 2014. Although he didn’t serve jail time, we hope Chris learned his lesson.

Chris Pine on Princess Diaries 2

Credit @ Princess Diaries 2

He was also slapped with a six-month driving ban because no one needs an irresponsible driver on the roads. 

 10. He auditioned for the Avatar Movie

Did you know that Chris Pine auditioned the Avatar movie that made over $2 billion at the box office in 2009? Well he did.

During an interview, Chris revealed that halfway through the auditioning for the role of Jake Sully, he realized he couldn’t give the character what was required.

He was gracious enough to shake the director’s hand and call it a day. But with his current success in the film industry, we think it all worked out for the best!

If you are eager to see him on screen again, watch out for the Dungeons and Dragons movie in 2023.


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