The Details of Florence Pugh’s Filmography

The Details of Florence Pugh’s Filmography
Florence Pugh filmography

Credit: Black Widow/Marvel

Florence Pugh, known to most as Black Widow 2.0, has been noted for her early roles before the MCU brought her to the masses, such as her roles in Lady Macbeth but became known earliest to American audiences with her roles with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in an autobiographical film Fighting With My Family and other roles. While the MCU brought the most notoriety to the actress, her other roles throughout the filmography of Florence Pugh’s career have also been noteworthy. Below, we’ve detailed the filmography of Florence Pugh, her MCU roles, and the other roles throughout her career that may surprise the newest fans of the attractive English actress.

Florence Pugh Hawkeye

Credit: Hawkeye/Marvel

Florence Pugh

Although introduced to wider audiences with her recent roles in the MCU, between the lines of hero and villain but not quite an anti-hero yet, she has had other roles, and even those before her MCU roles have been interesting as those after. However, the career of Florence Pugh truly started to build up her filmography in 2014 when she made her acting debut in The Falling, a 2014 British mystery drama.

Still, it was in 2016 that she gained her first notable role in Lady Macbeth, earning her a British Independent Film Award. While it only took two years for Florence Pugh to add a genuinely notable role to her filmography from her acting debut, in 2019, her roles started to multiply with roles in Little Women, Midsommar, and the earlier mentioned Fighting With My Family. While Little Women did incredibly well as a movie overall, for her role in the movie, Florence Pugh earned herself two nominations as near awards to add to her previously earned BIFA. Finally, before her role in the MCU in 2021, Florence Pugh received the 2019 Chopard Trophy from the Cannes Film Festival.

Florence Pugh Black Widow

Credit: Black Widow/Marvel

MCU Role and Importance

With her roles in notable works before her MCU debut, Little Women, Fighting With My Family, Midsommar, and more, it was no surprise that she landed the role of a newer and younger Black Widow in the MCU. Still, her role within the MCU as a Black Widow has been anything but expected or smooth.

Her introduction into the MCU began with her role in Black Widow, in which she was introduced as the sister of the fallen Black Widow, Natasha Romanoff. Natasha’s sister Yelena Belova and David Harbour as Red Guardian were introduced, but since her introduction in the long-awaited Black Widow film, she made her second appearance in Hawkeye, under false guidance to terminate Hawkeye.

Interestingly, as Black Widow introduced Florence Pugh as a new Black Widow to add to her filmography, Hawkeye added Kate Bishop to the MCU, setting up a long-awaited era of the MCU in which the sidekicks or second generation of the heroes we’ve come to know are added to the mix. With Hayley Steinfeld and Florence Pugh in the younger roles of their mentors, it set for a robust series of battles between the two.

In contrast, Kate Bishop has had training in archery and acrobatics, while the new era Black Widow has been trained more specifically in silent assassinations and espionage, which leads to her upcoming appearance in one of the most anticipated MCU projects announced recently, The Thunderbolts.

Black Widow movie

Credit: Black Widow/Marvel

Florence Pugh Filmography

Outside of her most notable appearances in the earlier mentioned projects in the MCU and out, her roles exceed those that have earned her awards and acknowledgment, as well as upcoming projects that have been confirmed to be soon added to the filmography of Florence Pugh. As far as 2022 has been concerned for Florence Pugh, outside of her filmography, was her appearance in an episode of Bear Grylls’ series in which she jumped out of a helicopter.

Upcoming roles for the actress show that she hasn’t become too busy with the MCU yet not to have time for other appearances. Acting roles for Florence Pugh that fans can anticipate include A Good Person, Oppenheimer, and, most anticipated, Dune: Part Two. The Dune reboot was a bit mixed, but without a doubt was a very large production, so any additional characters added to Dune: Part Two to attract fans may be the best for the franchise.

Oppenheimer may also be another film that could be highly anticipated by those that are into the biographical and real-life depictions of events, as well as the casting of Florence Pugh and Cillian Murphy. Overall, the filmography of Florence Pugh has certainly been interesting. Although it’s been relatively short, between television and film, she has made an impression in most of the projects to which she has been attached.

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