Community 5.08 Review: “App Development and Condiments”

Community 5.08 Review: “App Development and Condiments”


What? You’re saying Community isn’t as good anymore? After tonight’s episode, I have a message for you: You’re wrong.

Okay, okay. It’s a matter of opinion, I realize that. However, I have to say that since Dan Harmon’s return, Community has been nothing short of the show I have once and always loved. Tonight’s episode was no exception. So without further ado, let’s discuss “App Development and Condiments”.

It’s another exciting day for Greendale AND the “Save Greendale” committee (sans Professor Duncan, sadly). Greendale has been chosen to beta test a new app called “MeowMeowBeenz” (Pronounced “me-ow-me-ow-beans”). This is an app that allows you to give one through five star ratings (like you’d give a restaurant or bar on Yelp) to other people who have the app. Some of our favorite committee  members (Jeff, Britta, Hickey) are not keen on the idea, but the app begins to spread throughout the school regardless.

Some of the group has more success on the app than others. Abed loves the way that it translates social status into data. Shirley (who was ignored by the rest of the committee…er…Jeff… in their dinner plans at the beginning of the episode) uses her kindness and the app as a combination source of power. We see her destroy Vicky’s social status in a merciless display of kindness. Jeff finally decides to sign up for the app to prove a point, and Britta’s advice is only valuable when people listen to her, and people only do that when she has mustard on her face (best bit of the night? I vote yes).

By day eight of the beta test,  things at Greendale are…different (or the same, depending on how you look at it). The ratings have divided everyone into social classes. The fives are at the top of the food chain, and the twos are serving them food (I wish I could feel sorry for Star Burns…). The ones are in the outlands, and the threes and fours are doing okay. Shirley, Annie, Abed, Hickey, and Chang are all fives. Jeff is a four, and Britta is a two (She could have Britta-d things up worse, that’s for sure). Jeff and Britta decide that they need to change things, and they enter Jeff in the talent show to “infiltrate the system”. Jeff does standup in the talent show and kills! He’s upgraded to a five (much to Shirley’s chagrin).

Britta is unhappy about Jeff selling out, so she slaps some mustard on her face and gets other twos behind her! And during that time Jeff (at the five’s inaugural dance) and Shirley come to blows over the social status (among other things) and their peers vote them both down to 1’s so they are banished to the “outlands” (nice Lion King reference, bee tee dubs) and right about that time, the twos complete their uprising and finish “purging” the rest of the fives in the “great purge of about two minutes ago”.  Ultimately, the social classes unraveled themselves. Thank goodness! I don’t like it when the study group…er…”Save Greendale” committee…fights. It’s not natural.

Tonight’s episode was nothing short of a blast. There were excellent quotes at every turn, a high concept worth giggling at, and Britta finally figured out how to make people listen to her! Just put mustard on her face! Abed thriving in the new world order was fantastic as well, since the show has cast such a light on him being a social outcast, it was interesting to find a world in which Abed could thrive and understand social situations. Here are some of my favorite quotes from tonight’s episode:

Jeff (to Abed): “As long as you’re happy, I’m unsettled”

“Mark Zuckerberg is Fidel Castro in flip-flops”

“Why is everyone wearing gray? I feel like I’m in a commercial and someone’s about to hand me a Starburst”- Jeff Winger

“I once loved a two…but numbers change”

Britta: “I’m a psych major, words are my weapons”

Security Guard: “I’m a security guard. Weapons are my weapons.”

“By the way, it’s Saturday. You’re at school for nothing. Go home and get some sleep!”- Jeff

Like I’ve said previously, this season of Community has been fantastic. Dan Harmon’s return and the new found art of re-piloting has breathed new life into an old favorite. If you haven’t been watching, I suggest you do so immediately! Great episode this week, and I have a feeling they’re only going to get better from here! Just forget your feelings about the show one way or the other and invest in an episode. I promise you won’t regret it! ‘Til next week, Communies!

[Photo via  Byron Cohen/NBC]

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