Why Godwin Is The Most Terrifying Character in Vikings: Valhalla

Earl Godwin (David Oakes) has consistently been a mysterious character in Vikings: Valhalla. Still, fans only got to fully understand him and his motives after the events of season two. It is now certain he was determined to clear his path to England’s throne, no matter who had to be eliminated.

The spin-off series Vikings: Valhalla takes place almost 100 years after the events of Vikings and perfectly captures what made the parent series beloved. With most characters in this series, their deceitful intentions are clear almost immediately they appear on-screen. But not Godwin. Despite his collected nature, finally realizing what he was willing to sacrifice for this goal was chilling, but not surprising as Godwin has never been known to put all his cards on the table.

Godwin’s Intentions In Vikings Valhalla Are Always A Mystery

Godwin and Emma in Vikings Valhalla

In Vikings: Valhalla season one, Godwin is introduced as the chief counselor to the King of England. While Godwin wasn’t born into royalty, it’s clear that he has grand ambitions. His intentions initially seem innocent, but viewers start seeing Godwin’s true colors after he leads Prince Edmund (Louis Davison), into a trap and stabs him to death. He does such a good job that everyone thinks it’s an accident. Godwin had planned to get on King Canute’s (Bradley Freegard) good side by killing Edmund and leaving him as the sole ruler of England. Interestingly, no one suspects Godwin has an ulterior motive, but Queen Emma seems to be catching on to his schemes, and she’s right to be suspicious.

When Emma is almost poisoned and killed by an assassin, Godwin comes to the rescue again, likely to gain good graces with King Canute. But Emma isn’t convinced because of Godwin’s fiancee and her handmaiden, Aelfwynn’s (Maria Guiver) distraught reaction to the assassin’s (her brother) dead body hanging in public. Emma goes to the extreme trying to get answers from Aelfwynn but kills her in the process. But was this Godwin’s plan all along?

To console Godwin, Canute gives him his niece, Gytha (Henessi Schmidt), as his bride, getting him closer to the throne he desperately wanted. Was Aelfwynn always meant to be collateral damage because she was close friends with Gytha? With Godwin now a royal family member, will he start getting rid of everyone in line to the throne?

David Oakes Plays Godwin With A Careful Subtlety That Is Enigmatic And Captivating

Earl Godwin and Gytha

At first glance, David Oakes as Godwin seems like a gentle and caring soul. At least that was the seemingly intention when they cast an actor who effortlessly gets the audience to let down their guards. But if the last episodes of Vikings: Valhalla season 2 has taught viewers anything, it’s that looks can be deceiving. Even though Godwin’s father betrayed King Aethelred, Godwin still blames the Kingdom for his family being stripped of all their titles, so it’s obvious Godwin would be out for revenge and want to reclaim the honor of his family name. Oakes effortlessly carries the air of subtle vengeance in his role as Godwin. He is captivating yet sure in his moves to cause a rift between the royal family members. Even when he succeeds, Godwin doesn’t seem satisfied.

No one seems to doubt Godwin’s intentions except Emma. King Canute and Gytha trust him with their lives. But the dynamic will likely change in Vikings: Valhalla Season 3 after Emma gifted Gytha a ring linked to Godwin’s father and past. As with the power play that takes center stage in Vikings: Valhallait will be intriguing to watch Godwin’s story unfold.

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