Let’s See a Dramatization of The Lord of the Rings BTS

Now that we’ve seen Paramount+ show us the dramatized version of The Godfather, or at least how it came to be, why not think about another story that might be interesting to see the making of, especially when it comes to the behind scenes moments that led up to its release? The Lord of the Rings movies definitely don’t have the same distinction of being called the greatest books or movies of all time, but they’re interesting all the same since they brought to life a story that a lot of people have read throughout their lives at one point or another and were waiting and hoping to see at one point since the stories were that great. But there had to be more to the process than what we’ve seen, and with the look that The Offer gave us of the behind-the-scenes drama that went into the making of The Godfather, it feels right that a few other stories should be given this type of treatment since like it or not, they’re every bit as interesting. 

It’s fair to state that they wouldn’t come off in the same manner as The Offer, and it would be better if they didn’t. It’s even fair to state that this shouldn’t become a trend since the behind-the-scenes moments of every movie aren’t bound to be that interesting compared to the epics that have come along. The Offer had one very notable thing working for it, and that’s the fact that it was dealing with the real world while things were happening behind the scenes that needed to happen to make the movie. When one looks at the supposed controversies that arose with the making of this movie it’s fair to think that no matter what anyone says about The Offer, it was interesting since it showed at least a few truthful aspects of how the making of The Godfather went and how much struggle there was to get the movie to the people no matter what hurdles were tossed in the way. 

For an idea on this scale however it feels as though it should be something that takes a period from the years in which Tolkien came up with the idea to the years in which Peter Jackson managed to grab hold of the script and run with it. By showing how the idea came to be and then how long it spent as a book and then an animated movie, it could be fully understood by the fans just what it took to bring this idea to fruition. It’s an idea at least, and one that’s highly ambitious since it crosses more than one era and involves a host of different people, but it feels doable as a limited series since it could go well beyond any BTS ideas that might come along. At the moment it does feel as though it would be a copycat idea to The Offer, but it does feel as though it could be adapted in a manner that would be similar but also different enough thanks to the difference in the story and the fact that much of this movie was spent filming abroad. 

There’s also the idea that Hollywood had changed quite a bit at that time since The Godfather was made back in the 70s and the LoTR trilogy was started in the late 90s and came out in the early 2000s. A great deal of things had changed at that point, not just in Hollywood, but also with the books, since many upon many people had come to value the trilogy in a big way over the years, while many others had forgotten it by this time. It might sound a little superfluous at this time and it might even sound like a silly idea to a lot of people, but it does feel as though this look into one of the greatest epics ever made could be beneficial and that it would be given a lot of attention by the fans. Whether or not it would be a project that would be given a lot of serious thought is tough to say, but there is one thing that’s obvious, and that’s the fact that none of the original actors would likely be needed to take on their roles once again. 

As a dramatization, it feels like something that could be fun and at least factual enough to keep people interested since there was a lot that went into this movie. It’s also fair to think that the casting decisions would be fun to dramatize since there’s no doubt that there were a few people on the cast who weren’t the first picks. When all is said and done this could be seen as a copy of The Offer since it would be doing essentially the same thing. But the end result would no doubt be quite different for a lot of reasons. 

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