10 Things You Didn’t Know about Curly Leach

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Curly Leach

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Curly Leach

Life Below Zero: Port Protection is a special kind of reality show. It takes a strong person with a strong set of specific skills to survive the type of lifestyle that these men and women choose, and it’s no joke. Not just anyone can survive the extreme cold and weather that the people who star on this show do, and they do so without any hesitation. Curly Leach, for example, is a man who chose to spend his life in a small Alaskan community called Port Protection. As of 2010, only 48 people called this place home. It’s harsh. It’s not easy to live this way, and Curly Leach is someone who brings about a lot of curiosity such as why he chose this life.

1. He is A Lumberjack by Trade

In a town that boasts only 48 people and some of the most extreme weather in the world, it would make sense there is a lumberjack in the area. He does his job to keep the town supplied with all of the firewood needed to get through cold days and nights.

2. Curly Leach Doesn’t Use Money

Rather than earning money to live his life, Curly Leach does his thing by bartering. He’s a lumberjack by trade, so he spends his time bartering firewood to his local community by trading them for the supplies that he needs. He lives well off the grid, and he doesn’t need money to get by.

3. He’s a Hunter

If there is anything that Curly Leach cannot barter to get, he will simply trap it, kill it, and eat it himself. Or, he might even barter a bit of that to get something else he might need. He is an avid hunter, and he is an avid gatherer. He could survive well off the grid in even the most basic of manners, but he’s exceptionally good at what he does and how he does it.

4. He’s a Loner

Of course, you might not be shocked to find out that many people in Port Protection, Alaska, are loners. They like their privacy. Otherwise, why live in a community of only 48 people? He likes to do his thing without being tied down to anyone else, but he is a good friend to all. He has friends, he has people to spend time with, and he simply chooses when he’d like to be with his friends versus when he’d like to be alone.

5. He Lives Without Anything in Town

While you might simply think that Curly Leach chooses to live his life without dealing with the basics of everyday life that the rest of us do, you might be mistaken. This entire community lives without all the things that you and I are accustomed to living with. There is no police force. There are no paved roads. There is nothing modern at all about this little area of the world, and the people who live here would not change a thing about it.

6. He is Very Private

No one chooses to live in a community of 48 people without even the most basic of necessities without being very private. Curly Leach is a private man. No one knows anything about him. His age is undetermined. His marital status appears to be single but no one knows if he was married, if he has any kids, if he has any family, when he came to Port Protection, or anything else about him. He keeps to himself, and he’s not about to change that.

7. He is a Republican

The one thing that we know about Curly Leach is that he registered to vote in 1996, and he is registered as a Republican. Of course, he’s a hard worker, he takes care of himself, and he’s not worried about anyone else or the way that they live their lives, so we are not surprised that he chooses to vote as a republican.

8. His Name is Not Curly

If you were wondering about his name, Curly is not his birth name. He prefers to go by Curly, but this is not his given name at birth. In fact, he was born Timothy Leach, and he simply goes by Curly to those who speak with him.

9. He Has Decent Weather Conditions

Leach is a man accustomed to bad weather, but they do have nice weather in Port Protection, too. While the rest of the world might not consider an average high of 57 degrees in August a warm summer, he doesn’t mind the weather a bit at that time of year. The highest average temperature throughout the year is in August at 57.4 degrees.

10. The Weather in Port Protection is Not as Bad as Many Believe

On the flip side of things, Leach and his community also face exceptionally harsh conditions during other seasons. The lowest monthly average temperature is around 36 degrees, and that is in December. It’s nowhere near as cold as many believe it is in that part of the world, but it is always cold there.

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