Five Actors With Incredible Talents You Didn’t Know About

With everything that celebrities already have going for them, one might think that any other talents they have would be extraneous or perhaps not worth mentioning since they have enough and should be grateful for that. But that kind of thought would be kind of ludicrous since it would mean that they’re not allowed to have any other interests or be good at anything else. It is a little frustrating to see that someone is successful and still good at a number of things since it might make some folks a little jealous if they’re only adequate at one thing. But learning that certain celebrities have hidden talents that we don’t get to hear about all the time kind of evens things out since not talking about these talents often makes it clear that the celebs do tend to hold something back for themselves and don’t feel the need to shove the fact that they have other skills in the faces of the audience. But to hear how skilled some of the celebrities out there are is kind of fun since it makes a person wonder how they came across these interests and skills.

Here are a few celebrities that have a hidden talent that not a lot of people knew about.

5. Margot Robbie is a tattoo artist.

Some folks might want to claim that a lot of people can stick a tattoo on someone, but the fact is that it’s not quite as easy as it sounds since a lot of people that get tattoos want them to be quality and they want them to look good. This is something that a person is going to have on their body for a long time after all, and since the process to remove them is usually kind of painful and expensive it’s better to get a great tattoo and pay for it than to just pay anyone that can scrawl something on your body. Margot has apparently been doing this for a while and has enjoyed honing her skills.

4. Angelina Jolie is a licensed pilot.

This is usually pretty impressive since there are a number of celebrities that are licensed pilots and a few of them likely have their own planes that they enjoy getting out in. But while one might think that this could mean that Angelina might actually be able to fly in a movie to show her prowess, it’s not likely that an insurance carrier is going to allow this since she’s bound to be one of the leads in such a movie. Unless she went the same route as Tom Cruise it’s likely that we might never see her in this kind of role on screen, but in real life, she’s apparently become quite the pilot over the years.

3. Pierce Brosnan is a fire-eater.

Who would have imagined that one of the actors that portrayed James Bond would be able to eat fire? It’s a skill that Brosnan still has apparently, but it definitely feels that he doesn’t use it that often since it does appear to be a high-risk skill that a lot of people wouldn’t want to keep doing for an extended period of time. But as one of the more unique skills, it definitely gets a place on the list simply because it’s one of those that a lot of people tend to look at as something that they would never do, but would love to learn more about. Next to sword-eating, this has to be one of the riskier skills that people could perform.

2. Bob Dylan has been into ironworking for a while.

It’s just as it sounds since some of the creations that Dylan has made are absolutely captivating and represent a good deal of time and effort to make. Looking at some of the stuff he’s done it’s hard to imagine that the guy who brought us a style of music that has been loved throughout the years can create such things is kind of easy since it’s simply another form of creativity that he gets to express but doesn’t always push to the public. Sometimes there are skills that people want to keep to themselves even if they’ll share them when people discover that they have something else to offer.

1. Kate Beckinsale is an accomplished writer and a linguist.

Being a linguist in the world today is a huge boon since being able to understand and communicate with people from various countries is important, but writing is something that many people have gone into for one reason or another and have come to enjoy quite often. To hear that she’s actually won awards for her writing is very intriguing since it might be time to go looking for what she’s written if it’s available.

Everyone has hidden talents if they just look.

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