Legends of Tomorrow Season 1

Legends of Tomorrow Season 1

Legends of Tomorrow Season 1

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Legends of Tomorrow on The CW of the grander Arrowverse series of shows was based on characters from across the Arrowverse and beyond to bring a trademark DC Comics-style show of time travel and collective metahumans. Still, Legends of Tomorrow Season 1 was only the beginning of the extraordinary journey the show showcased. Overall, the series mostly pulled together characters from Arrow and The Flash but also the general DC universe, or at least the designated universe for the so-called “Arrowverse.” Legends of Tomorrow featured a somewhat rotating roster of characters as each episode was the group traveling through time and stopping aberrations to the timeline. Below, we’ve detailed Legends of Tomorrow Season 1, as it’s now canceled, as of August 2022 after its seventh season, as well as some differences between Season 1 and the rest of the show before the Arrowverse has wrapped up.

Legends of Tomorrow cast

credit: The CW

Legends of Tomorrow

Legends of Tomorrow was a wacky show when it first started, but nothing compared to the recent adaptation of Doom Patrol, which also came from DC Comics. Still, Doom Patrol was not made for cable television like the Arrowverse shows, as they all were housed on The CW. Eventually, Supergirl started on CBS but moved to The CW. Legends of Tomorrow started when the leader of the Legends of Tomorrow, Rip Hunter, had his wife and son killed by Vandal Savage. When the organization he thought he could trust and that he swore his life to betray him, he went rogue to create his own team to fight those ruining the timeline. Over the course of the show’s seven seasons, the cast changed, the villains were different, and nearly endless places in time were visited by the group. The misfit group of characters was a mix of old and new heroes and some beyond reformed villains.

Legends of Tomorrow Firestorm

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Legends of Tomorrow Season 1 Characters

The cast of Legends of Tomorrow remained interesting throughout each season but Season 1, as it was the introduction to this new setting for such a weird group of characters, but some familiar to viewers of the previously established Arrowverse. Outside of leader Rip Hunter, who became known with the release of Legends of Tomorrow, Arrow character Sara Lance, the White Canary, was added to Legends of Tomorrow with The Atom, Firestorm, Hawkman, Hawkgirl, Captain Cold, and Heatwave. Throughout the show, several different line-ups and additions are made to the team and what villains they must face while chasing others across time. The overall villain that the Legends of Tomorrow deal with throughout Season 1 is the Time Masters, as well as Vandal Savage and Chronos. Future seasons start to incorporate more familiar characters from other Arrowverse shows. Still, Legends of Tomorrow Season 1 had more of an original setting to introduce better the wild concepts the show contains. With the Legends of Tomorrow almost always busy traveling time, they always appear when available for the few crossovers they have appeared in.

Sara Lance Captain Cold

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Legends of Tomorrow Season 1 Detailed

While the entirety of the show featured the characters traveling across time, each season had a general premise that led the characters to follow a specific enemy or deal with a particular type of event that altered the timeline. Season 1, as stated above, specifically featured the significant loss that Rip Hunter was dealt after Vandal Savage killed his family and he started the Legends of Tomorrow. The Legends of Tomorrow, throughout Season 1, featured the unexpected group of heroes dealing with the issues that directly impacted Rip Hunter’s decision to form the team. This included the Legends of Tomorrow running from and fighting the Time Masters, Chronos, and Vandal Savage himself. The overall focus of Season 1 of Legends of Tomorrow was to stop Vandal Savage from ever gaining the powers that allowed him to conquer the Earth in Rip Hunter’s time. Overall, Season 1 of Legends of Tomorrow had the Legends traveling to the way past and the future, with a stop of almost 20 years ahead from their current timeline. The Legends members even meet future versions of characters they are familiar with, such as Oliver Queen. Beyond Season 1, Legends of Tomorrow eventually became some sort of comedy, but Season 1 was among the most serious that the show was throughout its entire run. Although Season 1 of Legends of Tomorrow was among the most serious of each season, there was still plenty of comedy, interesting characters, and prosperous world history as they traveled through all past and future periods. Ultimately, Season 1 of Legends of Tomorrow ended with the Legends realizing the awful truth of the secret alliance between Vandal Savage and the Time Masters, which caused Leonard Snart, Captain Cold, to sacrifice himself, as he was shown to have a change of heart since The Flash.

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