10 Things You Didn’t Know about Sara Lance

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Sara Lance

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Sara Lance

Sara Lance is a DC superhero that’s been through a lot since her creation and initially learned how to be tough when she was much younger and still dating hooligans that her parents didn’t approve of. As she grew up she blamed her sister Laurel for not being able to get closer to Oliver Queen, a man she’d been interested in, as she was busted while trying to go to a party where Oliver was at. This resentment only grew as she saw Laurel and Oliver get together later on, but as time went on she found ways around her sister and discovered that his sense of morality wasn’t all that strong at times. You could say that Sara’s life hasn’t been a bag of peaches throughout her existence but while she has had to endure a lot that’s been thrown in her path there are still times when it seems as though she’s brought some of it on herself.

Here are a few things about Sara you might not have known.

10. The character was created for the TV show Arrow.

It’s been stated that she was created specifically for the show which to many means that she didn’t exist in the comics. Well, this version of her doesn’t, but there was a version of White Canary in the comics that was a villain.

9. She was with Oliver on his yacht when it was shipwrecked.

This openly indicates the relationship that she and Oliver had despite the fact that he was supposed to be with her sister Laurel. One could say that she’s kind of a controversial character for doing this but that’s just how the story seems to go.

8. She’s been a part of the League of Assassins and Team Arrow.

After the shipwreck and being discovered by Nyssa al Ghul she was inducted into the League of Assassins for a while before she left. Eventually she found her way onto Team Arrow and after that it seems she kind of went her own way for a while.

7. Sara is the first openly bisexual character on Arrow.

This shouldn’t seem like that big of a deal but when it comes around as the first time it usually draws some looks and makes people wonder just what the future of the show is going to bring when it comes to relationships and any further reveals in terms of the characters.

6. Some fans didn’t care for her death in the show.

It didn’t spark as much outrage as others but at the same time some folks didn’t care that she was shot three times and then fell off of a roof. Thankfully though it would seem that death in the comic book world isn’t much of an impediment since there’s almost always a way to bring people back so long as the fans want to keep seeing them.

5. Sara has a strong tolerance for alcohol.

According to her bio there were a few guys in her earlier years that would attempt to get her hammered out of her mind to try and have sex with her but Sara has a very high alcohol tolerance and was never quite tipsy enough to let anyone get too handsy.

4. When she was resurrected in the Lazarus Pits she returned without a soul.

In theory this seems like it would be akin to starting someone up without the startup manual, you might be able to get the power back on but the defining characteristics that are needed are nowhere to be found. This apparently made Sara quite feral and even violent since she attacked those she saw and required the aid of John Constantine to retrieve her soul.

3. Her sister became Black Canary.

It’s easy to see in the comics how family tends to follow in the footsteps of family sometimes since there’s either an intense rivalry there or something else that inspires them to enter the same line of work that their family is in. Black Canary is a figure that was in the comics and the animated shows and that many people can recognize.

2. Sara has no superpowers but is highly skilled like the rest of her team.

Like a good number of heroes in the DC universe that don’t have any naturally occurring powers she operates at peak levels and is insanely strong and agile for a regular human being. This seems to be a common staple of a lot of comic book characters that don’t have anything to augment their already impressive physique and abilities.

1. She seems to have a bit of trouble deciding on who to be romantically involved with.

Superheroes are no different really when it comes to relationships in the comics or the TV shows and tend to have as many difficulties written into their characters as a rule rather than an exception.

She did manage to gain a lot of support when she came onto the scene.

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