20 Most Interesting Characters That Have Appeared In Legends of Tomorrow

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League of Legends was just one of several shows to have carried the Arrowverse tag. The biggest difference between this show and the other Arrowverse shows was the large variety of characters to be featured on the show. From historical figures such as politicians and musicians to a lengthy list of DC characters. You can find all information on Legends of Tomorrow on their official website here. Below, we’ve compiled a list of the most interesting characters to have graced the most unique show from the Arrowverse in our list of 20 most interesting characters from Legends of Tomorrow.

20. Jimi Hendrix

Jimi Hendrix was obviously the famous musician from the 60’s that’s been described as the greatest instrumentalist in rock music. The artist was portrayed when the Legends travel to Woodstock to steal a shaman from the artist in order for Constantine to banish a demonic unicorn back to hell. Upon arrival at Woodstock, the Legends visited various musicians and artists that performed at the famous festival. Jimi Hendrix was a minor character for the Legends to encounter but it is certainly one of the more interesting appearances on Legends of Tomorrow.

19. Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley is another artist that the Legends encounter on their travels, not a Woodstock however. The Legends encounter the artist when they are searching for the Death Totem. Elvis somehow acquired the Death Totem and used it to send ghosts to the afterlife. He did so by having his audience sing Amazing Grace to send them to the afterlife. Elvis Presley is one of the only artists that the Legends do not encounter while at Woodstock but still carries something incredible important to the Legends. Although Elvis was another very minor character for the Legends to meet, Elvis Presley is definitely one of the most interesting characters on the show.

18. Albert Einstein

The Legends encounter Albert Einstein when Martin Stein captures him. Half of the hero Firestorm requests the help of the physicist in order to help stop Hitler from creating an atomic bomb. Albert Einstein is only one of several historical figures that the Legends meet upon their travels. Historical figures are the most visited type of person that the Legends visit while traveling through time. Another minor, non-DC character but as Albert Einstein being the genius he is, it makes sense to have this interesting character on Legends of Tomorrow.

17. George Lucas

George Lucas is the original Star Wars and Indiana Jones mastermind who penned the original series and initial properties. The Legends encountered the groundbreaking filmmaker when the set of one of the films he was prop master for was attacked. Members of the Legion of Doom attacked the set and caused George Lucas to become a car insurance salesman instead. George Lucas is an interesting appearance in Legends of Tomorrow but other writers such as J.R.R. Tolkien are also encountered by the Legends. Although Lucasfilms was still owned by the filmmaker, the Star Wars titles have since been sold to Disney, the opposing team to DC these days, with Disney’s ownership of Marvel as well.

16. The Flash

The Flash, being an Arrowverse show that existed before Legends of Tomorrow, shouldn’t surprise fans of either show too much. Barry Allen himself was known for traveling in time several times over. His archenemy was one of the main villains the Legends face in their travels. Reverse-Flash is one of the prominent members of the Legion of Doom in Legends of Tomorrow. The Flash was the longest standing hero in the Arrowverse since the ending of Arrow. While The Flash had separated itself from the other shows in the Arrowverse with it’s heavy science themes, Legends of Tomorrow is the perfect show for the speedster to appear on.

15. Diggle as Bass Reeves

Spartan was a later alias used by one of the co-stars of the original Arrowverse show, Arrow, John Diggle. John Diggle was an interesting character as he existed in different forms across DC’s properties. While he was always a fan favorite Green Lantern character, it’s been long rumored that he would appear as the character for some time. While that hasn’t happened it also shouldn’t be a surprise to see him appear in some form on Legends of Tomorrow. The original Diggle was an interesting character, especially for a Legends of Tomorrow appearance, as the character really had no skills with the things that the Legends typically deal with.

14. Nyssa al Ghul

Nyssa al Ghul is another character from the original Arrowverse show, Arrow. Ra’s al Ghul had a very strong connection to not only the Arrowverse but Oliver Queen in particular. Being Ra’s al Ghul daughter, Nyssa clearly shares many of his characteristics. Ra’s al Ghul was the mentor of Oliver Queen turned nemesis and was usually known for comic fans as an enemy of Batman. While Ra’s al Ghul was an actual title that the so called Demon’s Head carried, it’s been given to already named characters such as Malcolm Merlyn at some point. Nyssa al Ghul was a major love interest for Sara Lance so its no surprise to see the character appear on Legends of Tomorrow. At the 5:15 of the video below you can find information on Nyssa on Legends of Tomorrow.

13. Captain Nazi

Captain Nazi is certainly one of the more interesting characters to have appeared in Legends of Tomorrow. While the character doesn’t exactly appear as his exact Captain Nazi character but more of an actually Nazi captain. This may be due to the fact that the show doesn’t have a Captain Marvel character to be an archenemy of. While the hint at the character itself was small, what made this an interesting appearance was CW’s depth in which information from the comics was twisted it to be included. Plenty of adaptations of comic book and novels usually turned minor characters into unlock larger roles, or vice versa and this is no different with the minor inclusion of Captain Nazi as an actually Nazi captain. While Baron Krieger did make an appearance and transform, it was different from the comics.

12. Malcolm Merlyn

Malcolm Merlyn is another villain to have appeared consistently in Legends of Tomorrow. Originally from Arrow as an on again, off again villain of Oliver Queen, Merlyn was a League of Assassins member turned Legion of Doom member. The character of Malcolm Merlyn was based upon the original DC Comics character by the name of Merlyn the Archer. What makes Malcolm Merlyn an interesting character to appear in Legends of Tomorrow was his knowledge of artifacts including the Spear of Destiny. Malcolm Merlyn had been an issue throughout the Arrowverse, but the character saw a roller coaster of sides he’s chosen to affiliate.

11. Lex Luthor

Lex Luthor was the super genius, archenemy of Superman. The character has been featured in almost every incarnation of DC television adaptations. The character has been a prominent enemy for several characters throughout the CW’s DC shows. As with every other adaptation of Lex Luthor, the character on Legends of Tomorrow was a cunning manipulator and evil genius. The character was most well known in the Arrowverse as a Supergirl villain. Lex Luthor wasn’t as much as a threat himself in the Arrowverse like he has been in the comics and the movies but in the Arrowverse he was the smartest Legion of Doom member.

10. Ryan Choi

While Ray Palmer is the most well-known name of the Atom, out of the 3 incarnations of the character. Ryan Choi however was the newest incarnation and was given some recent love with appearances in the Arrowverse Zack Snyder’s Justice League. While the character’s role is quite minor, his mention and appearance showed the extent of what DC characters are pulled for these shows. Ryan Choi is the most modern and recently used version of The Atom but recent media used the character as a notable bystander more than an actual version of The Atom. The acknowledgment of his existence showed the constant possibility of this character’s evolution into The Atom.

9. Reverse-Flash

Reverse-Flash was the archenemy of The Flash and villain of others throughout the Arrowverse. The character was another villain to be featured in the CW’s Legion of Doom in Legends of Tomorrow. Normally we saw the Harrison Wells version of Reverse-Flash but in Legends of Tomorrow we get the true form of Eobard Thawne. Reverse-Flash had always been known as a very aggressive character, in the Arrowverse and comics alike, and reached to literally any means to acquire what he desired. Possibly the most consistent Legion of Doom member, Reverse-Flash may be not be as smart as Lex but he shouldn’t be tested with his knowledge.

8. Grodd

Gorilla Grodd was another villain that originated from The Flash but being the gorilla with intense intelligence that he was, Gorilla Grodd has had constant occurrences with the Legends. Grodd is one of The Flash’s smartest enemies and being on of the trickier problems that the Legends have faced. Grodd appearred in Legends of Tomorrow when the Legends disrupted the timeline and he was displaced in the Vietnam War.

7. Damien Darhk

Damien Darhk is yet another member of the Legion of Doom that the Legends of Tomorrow encounter time and time again. Also another character that started on another Arrowverse show, Arrow, and is another to carry the title of Ra’s al Ghul. Damien Darhk appears throughout the show from seasons one to four. Damien Darhk was yet another character to be considered an interesting character to appear on Legends of Tomorrow, as the former head of H.I.V.E.

6. Neron

Neron was a demon and main antagonist of season 4, as he was an enemy of Constantine prior to him joining the Legends. The demon appearred in a few different forms throughout the fourth season and was a consistent villain for the Legends. Neron was definitely one of the more interesting characters to be featured on Legends of Tomorrow as he brought the magical elements into the show more. Everything about Constantine had to do with magic and more often than not, Hell happens to be at the forefront of it all, so it was only natural that a character such as Constantine would eventually bring his otherworldly problems upon the rest of the Legends.

5. Hawkman/Carter Hall

Carter Hall was certainly one of the more interesting characters to be featured on the Legends of Tomorrow. Carter Hall was a very extensive and deep character within the DC universe, especially throughout the comics, even recently. In Legends of Tomorrow it was known to them that Carter Hall AKA Hawkman was always reincarnated upon death. Not all renditions of that character were aware of this however. Carter Hall is one of the main members of the Legends of Tomorrow crew from the beginning of the show.

4. Kid Flash

Kid Flash was a main character and has had reoccurring appearances in The Flash, as that is the show that the character originated from. The Arrowverse has changed a large amount of details from their comics origins but The Flash has probably seen the most changes from its original work. Like The Flash, Wally West was known to time travel, and made him an interesting but perfect fit for the Legends of Tomorrow.

3. Steel

Technically throughout Legends of Tomorrow we have seen a few variations of Steel. The Legends have encountered the actual hero that goes by the name Commander Steel, while they have also encountered Steel, who is the grandson of Commander Steel. Nate Heywood/Steel has been an ongoing and interesting character on Legends of Tomorrow since season 2. Steel, while a much lesser character is still an interesting one, especially with the inclusion of Commander Steel of the Justice Society of America.

2. Constantine

Without a doubt, Constantine was one of the most interesting characters that has been on Legends of Tomorrow, and was another character to be featured on the main cast for quite some time. Constantine, rumored to be getting his own show on HBO Max, originated on Arrow, the leading Arrowverse show, and has always been the forefront of magic in the Arrowverse. Constantine is definitely one of the most interesting characters to have appeared on Legends of Tomorrow with not only his magic but the possibilities this character could forever bring to life.

1. Captain Cold

Captain Cold was another member to have been featured on the main crew of the Legends of Tomorrow on the Waverider. Cold was also another character to come from previous Arrowverse shows with appearances in Flash and Arrow. While the character’s origins started elsewhere, the road to redemption that the character has followed caused him to join the Legends. Captain Cold’s redemption path alone from Arrow and Flash to his extremely wholesome character in Legends of Tomorrow make him the most interesting character on our list.

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