Five Amazing April Ludgate Moments from “Parks and Recreation”

Five Amazing April Ludgate Moments from “Parks and Recreation”

Five Amazing April Ludgate Moments from “Parks and Recreation”

So to start out with April Ludgate, the character, is a very surly and sometimes irritable young woman that tends to not like people in her business but can still be a fun person, when she decides to smile, which seems rarely most times. But she’s still a pretty good person and aside from having to put up with her fellow office workers she is probably one of the most interesting people on the show Parks and Recreation. You could say that she’s a pretty face put in to nice the production up a little but while she is good-looking she’s not presented as such a knockout that she takes over the show, which is nice since it allows her to really shine as a funny and engaging person as well.

Here are some of her best scenes.

5. April falls in love with Andy

Because nothing says true love or attraction like spit-takes. Chris Pratt seems like an awkwardly funny guy but in some scenes he just seems to fall a bit flat, either by design or by the fact that he was still getting his legs under him at this point in his career. Since then he’s become a very funny guy as well as a very great action star. Ludgate seems to just be waiting for that ultimately funny moment to come.

4. So lively and colorful

Ever had someone assume that you can do something without taking a moment to really ask you if you’d mind doing it? April definitely isn’t all that enthused by the ‘request’ and just goes ahead in letting it be known what she thinks, while making sure to say it in Spanish so that not a word is understood by her co-workers. That’s one way to insult someone as they thank you for your contribution.

3. Waking Andy up

Okay, the peanut butter was a little much but if you and your spouse/partner have ever worked on opposite shifts then you might understand the difficulty that goes into this type of relationship. Give her credit though she really was trying and the hose would have been something she started with a little sooner.  It might have saved her the aggravation.

2. Andy and April roleplay

So roleplaying isn’t too bad. It’s a fun way for couples to have a good time and kind of reconnect on a different level that allows them to play with their more adventurous side. The limits that they set can be a little crazy at times but with April and Andy it seems kind of understood that anything goes as she slaps him across the face and walks off. The smile he gives is enough to tell you that it’s working.

1. April hates people

This seems to be a sentiment that a lot of PEOPLE have about other PEOPLE. Kind of odd isn’t it? We can’t do without other people to be honest and yet a lot of us can’t stand our fellow human beings. April is at least candid in her dislike for other people and doesn’t hide the fact that she’d rather spend time around a bunch of animals than her co-workers.

April is the kind of person I think I’d get along with just fine.


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