Legends 1.05 Review: “Rogue”


Remember how I said Legends had taken “great cinematic strides?”

This episode was total garbage. Total and complete garbage. I’ve watched a lot of garbage over the years. This was in the top ten of all garbage. Even literary garbage.

I mean, this whole episode was a non-sequitur. Nothing followed correctly. Everything was out of place. The characterization and plot were totally absurd and bizarre. Every stride the show had made over the last two episodes was just ripped into shreds and flushed down the proverbial toilet.

I can’t stand this. How do you do two consecutive episodes of strong, solid television and then write something as heinously bad as “Rogue?” I don’t understand. I am so worked up over this.

Okay, so, this episode started off okay; Martin Odum is in the shrinks office, and he’s clearly off his rocker. He’s aggressive, frighteningly so, and eventually just storms out of the shrinks office. Turns out, there’s a camera in there, and Ali Larter’s Crystal McGuire was watching the whole time. Then–

You know what? No. This show is ludicrous. The abuses of power are so rampant. Let’s only talk about that. Every episode somebody is breaking into someones private stuff. Rice and McGuire broke into Martin’s apartment. McGuire, as previously written, was watching Odum’s psych sessions. They’ve faked affidavits and backdated important documents all to serve their own purpose.

Rice and McGuire are truly horrible people. They are imbeciles, truly. Rice especially. He snips at McGuire about her coming up through the academy while he came up through the LAPD, like it was a badge of honor. I mean, is this show a giant satire of our current age? That is literally the only way this show makes sense.

And if it is a satire, it’s the best one ever made, because I am flummoxed by it. The world they live in is so absurd.

This episode explored some of the mythology of the show; namely, whether Martin Odum is actually real or not. Long story short: no, probably not. His wife is in on it, whatever IT is. Odum investigates, eventually is lead to Kyle Dobson, who he kidnaps.

Also, he has Maggie (Tina Majorino) look up some information for him. You know, the same kind of info that got Bobby killed. Also, he doesn’t tell Maggie this until after she looked up the info the first time. Also, Maggie is the only bearable character on this show after Odum and Gates.

I said a couple of episodes ago (the second, I think) that Troy, who was killed in the second episode, wasn’t actually dead because he was listed as a series performer. Well, seems like he’s actually dead. All we got out of his character was a single shot of Larter’s McGuire crying over his death. Cool. Glad to know him.

I’m just complaining now. Something positive: Sean Bean is the best.

See you next week.

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