What We’ve Learned About The “Trading Spaces” Reboot So Far

The popular TLC series “Trading Spaces” is all set and ready for a reboot. Do-It-Yourself enthusiasts will be happy to know that it will hit the airwaves in 2018. It will follow the original series that became popular in a long eight year run from 2000 to 2008. We saw some of the best design ideas from the industry greats and it inspired many viewers to tackle new home remodeling projects with renewed vigor. What will the reboot be like? Here is what we know about it so far.

Paige Davis will return

Prior to the March 2017 announcement of the return of the series, Davis shared that she hoped to return as the host. It looks as though she is going to get her wish. Now age 47, she will take the spotlight once again as the show makes its premiere. In the interim, Davis hit up her old role in Chicago on Broadway as Roxy Hart, so she’s kept herself busy in the interlude. The original series kicked off its debut with Alex McLeod as host, with Paige taking over in the second season of the show in 2000. She gained notoriety and her name became associated with the popular series through the years.

Where will they be?

The casting has already begun for homeowners in Baltimore, Atlanta and Los Angeles. They’re already making preparations to begin the work and taping of the segments. The crew will making innovative renovations on homes that are badly in need of repairs and face lifts.

How to get in on the fun

It’s still early enough to put in your application if you’re interested in having the team give your home a makeover. If you reside in any of the three cities that are being targeted, now is the time to throw your hat into the ring. The application process begins online and it is definitely a process. Time is running out though, and there will be some stiff competition.

More particulars about the new series

From what we have learned, the reboot of “Trading Spaces” is set to be much like the original. Because of its massive success, execs saw no reason to make major changes to the theme of the program and its projects. Neighbors will be selected from the eligible cities to change places with one another and decorate one chosen room from each other’s homes. They will work with a variety of contractors and designers with a budget. In the original show the budget amount started at $1,000 and was raised to $2,000.

We haven’t received word about how much the budget amount will be yet. One of the best parts of the show was being able to see the reaction of the homeowner when they first view their new room. Some were definitely pleased, but not everyone was happy with the changes. This adds to the suspense and excitement of the show because you have to wait until the end to find out if they love their new room or hate it. Stay tuned for more information on exact dates and times for the premiere of the reboot of “Trading Spaces.”


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