Leah Remini is About to Be One of the Busiest Women on TV

We’ve always known how talented Leah Remini was and always thought her career would go the distance. But we never thought that the very thing that would propel her career was her former religious affiliation. Tom Cruise may have put Scientology on the map, but Remini is the one that’s slowly ripping that map apart. Her docu-series, Scientology and the Aftermath, has been a tremendous success for A&E. The show’s renewal for a third season also marks a new relationship between Remini and the A&E network. Apparently, the network wants to build upon the reladstionship that they have cultivated with the veteran actress, so much that they gave her a development deal.

Of course, Remini took the deal. Who wouldn’t? We’ve already established how smart she is seeing how she handled her entire Scientology ordeal. It’s not only that. She’s smart, and she’s also got the skills since her show won the Emmy for Outstanding Informational Series or Special last year. A&E is also smart to capitalize on the actress’ successes. Being that Remini’s shows are some of the most highly rated and most watched shows, there’s no reason why the network shouldn’t give her more shows. It makes sense for all parties involved.

Currently, Remini still has her CBS sitcom Kevin Can Wait alongside longtime TV partner Kevin James. Most of us are familiar with how that story played out when Remini replaced the female lead of that show. Her character in Kevin Can Wait started off as just a guest to appear in a couple of episodes. However, her popularity was so overwhelming that it became difficult to ignore. The network had to kill off the current female lead of the show at the time in order to make room for Remini–and they did. As unfortunate as the turn of events were for Vanessa Cellucci, the actress that got the boot, we’d have to say that the show was all the better for it.

Season 3 of Scientology and the Aftermath has no set premiere date yet. We’re also not sure what kind of new shows are lined up for Remini. There are so many possibilities at this point, and it might make sense for Remini to go the same route that the Scientology show is taking. Either way, one thing is for sure. The actress is looking to do multiple projects across several networks related to A&E. There’s the History Channel and Lifetime among others. As odd as it may seem, we might actually want some more information on the nature, history, and everything else that might be involved in Scientology. At least we’ll take it if it was given through the eyes of Remini.

Another idea for the actress was to have a show that highlights other life-changing experiences like hers–but with other people and without Scientology. It’ll be like a retelling of “brave stories.” Remini has actually already stated something along those lines, but it’s such a broad statement that it can really be about anything and everything under the sun.

While we sit and wait for Remini’s upcoming projects, we might as well tune in to Kevin Can Wait on Monday nights at 8 PM EST on CBS.

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