10 Things You Didn’t Know about Lauren Elizabeth

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Lauren Elizabeth

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Lauren Elizabeth

When you think of TikTok, you probably think of funny videos, short clips, and an easy way to waste a few hours of your time doing nothing productive. You’re not wrong, but did you think about the sudden fame and fortune of some of the stars of the channel that are making a killing doing little more than posting dances and short videos for their followers? Lauren Elizabeth can tell you a thing or two about it if you let her. She’s grown quickly in her fame, and she’s loving every single second of it.

1. She’s Got A Lot of Followers

She might not be in the millions like some of her peers, but she’s going to get there. She currently has a grand total of almost 178k followers on this social platform alone. She also has 1.4 million likes on her videos, which is impressive for someone who isn’t a household name.

2. She’s a SoCal Girl

She’s from San Diego, and she loves it. She got to grow up on the beach with all the sunshine and happiness that comes from being somewhere so casual and so active, and it shows. She’s your classic California girl through and through – and there is not a thing wrong with that.

3. She Loves a Bikini Pic

If you peruse her social media accounts, she’s a huge fan of a bikini. She’s got one on in all of her social media profile photos, and most of her Instagram account is filled with photos of herself wearing bikinis to show off what they look like. She might collaborate with a few of the companies listed on the photos to shill them to people who want to emulate her look.

4. She Just Graduated High School

She’s young. Most people have no idea just how young she is, but she only just graduated from high school in 2020. That makes her around 17 or 18 depending on when her birthday falls throughout the year. She’s come a long way for a girl just graduating and making her way into the world.

5. The Pandemic Ruined her Graduation

We don’t know if she felt it was ruined by any means, but the pandemic had an effect on her as well as millions of other graduates this year. She did the drive-through graduation situation, which does take some of the excitement out of a day you work so long and so hard for your entire childhood. It really is a shame how many people suffered through this with the loss of so many things that are so simple and small yet so important.

6. She’s Going to College

She’s young, but she knows what the future holds for her. It holds an educational career at the University of Arizona. She’s not sitting back and letting social media take her where she needs to go, even though she will use that to her advantage as long as she can – who wouldn’t? We don’t know what she’s going to study, but we love that she’s chosen to pursue a college education.

7. She Loves to Share her Space

There’s one thing we love about her, and it’s that her TikTok account is not filled with just videos of herself. She loves to let her friends participate in her videos with her. This does make her seem more fun and more relatable to those who might not know her so well. We appreciate that about her.

8. She Doesn’t Have to Do Much for her Fans

If you scroll through her TikTok page, she doesn’t have to a lot for her fans to love what she does. Her most-watched videos – the ones that are half a million or more – are typically of her just sitting around doing nothing more than staring at the camera while a song plays in the background and she narrows her eyes. It seems to work for those who follow her – so we feel she needs to keep doing what works. Give the people what they want, and all of that.

9. She’s Embroiled in Some Drama

There was some speculation a few years ago that she was engaged in a relationship with a young man also famous via social media. His name is Kio Cyr, and he’s far more online famous than she is. He’s got millions of followers on his social media platform, and they were rumored to date when she was only 16 and he was 19. This caused some fans to lose their minds because of the age difference – the fact that he was a legal adult and she was only 16 and all – and that was a problem.

10. She’s Been Accused of Hacking

Earlier in 2020, she was accused of hacking her ex’s social media platforms, and the accusation came from his new girlfriend. Olivia Ponton, another online personality, tweeted that Lauren Elizabeth hacked his account, but she denied she did that, asked why she’d bother, and she told the world she basically doesn’t care that much. The drama from this guy won’t stop following her, though, so this could blow up into something a lot bigger at some point.

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