10 Things You Didn’t Know about LaToya Ali

10 Things You Didn’t Know about LaToya Ali

LaToya Ali has a name you might recognize if you follow the Real Housewives franchise. She is one of those women who is making her name big, and she’s going to be a household one before much longer. Rumor has it that she’s joined the cast of the Atlanta Housewives, which means we are all going to get to know more about her than we ever thought possible. For now, though, we thought we might try to get ahead of the game and get to know her before she’s actually as famous as she will be.

1. She’s Got a Fun Nickname

You might not know her by her full name so much as you know her by her nickname. She goes by the name LaToya Forever, which is her social media name. It is a name that has garnered her a lot of fans, a large following, and some big fame. She’s done well for herse.f.

2. She’s From Canada

She might have been in the states most of her life, but she was born and initially raised in Scarborough. That’s located in Ontario, Canada. Her parents are both Trinidadian. They lived there because this is where her father worked and her mother helped raise her.

3. She’s Got a Large Family

We mentioned that she’s from Canada and that she grew up with her parents, but did we mention that she is the eldest of a lot of kids? Not just a lot of kids. We really mean a lot of kids. She is the oldest of 8 kids. EIGHT. Yes, you read that right.

4. She’s Got a Famous Dad

Her father is famous in his own right. His name is Nigel Wilson. You might recognize that because he is a famous professional baseball player. She grew up with her dad on the field, and they made the most of their childhood. They ended up moving to the US so that her mother could go to college, but that was a bit later in her life.

5. She’s Famous From The Internet

Growing up, her family moved from Canada to the United States. They moved often due to her parents, and this meant that she rarely had the ability to make friends and keep them. This meant that she had to learn to find someone to talk to, and she chose the internet. She did not know who else to talk to, and she did not know what else to do. This is how she became famous – by using the internet to be her friends.

6. She’s Divorcing

She’s a married woman, but not for much longer. Her husband is Adam Ali. They’ve been married six years since 2014, and they decided in 2020 to end their marriage. We don’t know if they were separated before they decided to make this announcement, nor do we know how far along in the divorce process they actually are right now.

7. She’s A Mother

She and her soon-to-be ex-husband share three children together, and they are the light of her life. Their names are Samia, Zayn, and Ayah. The divorce of their parents cannot be easy on them, but this is something we hope their family is working through on friendly terms for the best case of the kids. They should have both parents present in their lives, and this is a good way to ensure that.

8. She’s Still Young

She’s a woman who has only begun living the best years of her life. She is currently 33-years-old, and she’s living her best life. All of her kids have their own social media pages that they use to show off their own adorable lives. Their mom is their manager, and she makes sure all things social media related for the kids is appropriate.

9. We Don’t Know if She’s Friendly with the Case of RHOA

We aren’t sure if she is friendly with the cast of this show, but we know that she is officially an Atlanta housewife. She’s a woman who is dealing with a lot in her life, and she is not going to slow down. But, we just don’t know what kind of drama we can expect from her since we don’t know if she has any relationships with any of the casts members past, present, or future. She may just be brand-new to the game.

10. Her Divorce Might Not Be Amicable

Rumor has it that her husband mentioned that he wanted to try and work things out, but that his wife did not. He accused her of thinking that the grass is greener on the other side, and that’s where her situation is going right now. We don’t know if this is true or if this is something that they can get through, but we suspect this is something that makes him feel less than happy with his wife.

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