Madam Secretary: Elizabeth Reasons with NATO. Mike B.’s Loyalty Questioned.

Madam Secretary

“An attack against one is considered an attack against all.”. Elizabeth tries to convince the French to help against Russia’s threat to invade Bulgaria in this third season finale of Madam Secretary. She also finds out something about Mike B. that makes her question his loyalty.

I felt immense sympathy for Elizabeth as I watched this episode. Despite her attempt to get everyone on the same page, France refused and withdrew from the Atlantic Council. It turns out, the president of France has been accepting bribes from Russia to get the former in office. That, and to allow Russia to break NATO apart so they can invade their neighbors. Money indeed makes the world go round. Albeit it’s for more corrupt purposes.

Henry, on the other hand, gets himself a new job at the CIA. He is now in charge of the Special Activities Division (or SAD for short). Guess having POTUS as your friend can do you quite a lot of favors. Henry also meets with Dimitri to help him look into the situation with Russia. The latter notices that there’s a name missing from the matrix of names, a man named Oleg, the Russian’s go-to guy for moving money. This then led to Henry discovering the incriminating evidence against President Perrin. The president resigns, but his replacement still isn’t too keen on ordering troops to aid against the Russian incursion. Why doesn’t anyone care one bit about world peace? Do they just want to take over everything till there isn’t anything left to control?

Meanwhile, Nadine finds out that Mike B. is working with a woman that he met three months ago as part of an alliance to take NATO down along with the European Union. When Elizabeth confronted Mike B. about it, he told her that he would never betray her like this and that he quit months ago after learning the fact that his former employers want to destroy NATO. I like the chemistry between Elizabeth and Mike B. They know each other well. I swear they could be BFFs if they wanted to be.

Speaking of Mike B., Daisy figures out the Nadine sees the former on an off and on basis. While I’m happy that Nadine has found someone that she likes, it’s a tad harsh on her part for wanting to keep the relationship under wraps. On the other hand, I understand where she is coming from. Dating someone that you work with almost never ends well. Unless, of course, you’re like every couple on every drama show on television.

Elizabeth then finally invokes Article 5 toward the end of the episode. She read the remaining NATO representatives a postcard from her uncle who died in the war. The Secretary told them that it’s time for NATO to be on the right side of history. As the hour came to a close, Elizabeth and Henry go up to the cabin for what appears to be a romantic weekend. When they entered the cabin, they find their kids inside, delighting Elizabeth.

A quick side note Henry’s right when he said that young people are socially engaged and addicted to technology. We can’t exactly help it, but it’s true. Our world revolves around social media, and we feel nervous if we don’t have our phones and devices nearby. I also agree with the representative for France when she said the United States are impatient with diplomacy and are quick to war. Though technically speaking, some areas of the world fall under that category given what’s been happening lately.

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