These Light-Up Millennium Falcon Christmas Decorations

Instead of inflatable Santas or a towering tree, Colby Powell and his family built an epic light-up Millennium Falcon from Star Wars on the roof of their house that measures almost 29 feet long! Check out the pics and video below to see the entire process.  The outer hull is represented by two large parachutes that were sewn together to emulate the iconic gray patchwork surface of the Falcon, stretching over the impressive framework that took over 1,000 screws and an untold number of bolts to come together. The work put in on this massive decoration was absolutely impressive and became the highlight of the neighborhood. Plus the scene from the cockpit is one that only adds to the overall effect of the ship and adds just that much more to the great design that helped to bring this thing to life.

It took a crane to heave this well-built structure on top of the house, and there’s no telling just when the family might think to take it down, but it likely won’t be until after The Last Jedi is released and starts impressing the fans to no end. They’ve got to be the coolest house on the block at this moment, at least for those that love Star Wars, or that love the decoration. I wonder if they might add a few lights for the Christmas season? After all this was put up around Halloween, so if it’s still there they should have plenty of time.

There’s over 600 feet of lights lining this creation and even then it still looks just a little dark, but not enough so to throw off the entire look. In fact keeping some parts in shadow kind of  makes sense considering that people can’t see all of it from the street. The most important parts are lit and the idea is that people can tell what it is, which it does. I don’t know a lot of ways that this could have been made any better to be perfectly honest, at least not in a way that would have allowed the structure to be placed on the roof or last through any weather conditions that might come along.

This is the same family that before this erected a Death Star that measured 23 feet in diameter and was so complete in its detail that the thing looked like it might try to annihilate a star system if it was capable. Going from that to the Falcon isn’t a step down, it’s a statement saying that their neighborhood is simply awesome for pulling together like this to complete such an amazing project. One thing about the Death Star however is that it looked like it might have been a lot lighter than the Falcon. After all the framework for the Millennium Falcon, before everything was finished, weighed in at around 700 pounds. That’s a solid piece of construction largely because it needed to be in order to stay up there. The Death Star probably wasn’t a featherweight but it at least looked a bit lighter and more manageable.

All around impressive though.

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