The Most Controversial Amazing Race Contestants in History

The Most Controversial Amazing Race Contestants in History

Amazing Race Season 30 Cast

The Amazing Race is a television program that is part competition and part reality show. In the show, couples have to accept certain challenges, racing against other couples in order to find answers to clues or complete whatever challenges are at hand in order to get through all the different legs of the race first. The couple that manages to do this wins. The show has been on for several seasons and for the most part, it seems to do fairly well in the ratings. It certainly isn’t at the top of the ratings game, but it has been consistent throughout the many seasons that it’s been on.

One of the things that people sometimes remember this show for is the controversial people that have been on it. In fact, some of the people that have been contestants on this show are enough to make you want to turn the television off and never turn it back on again. They can be rude, display a complete and total lack of manners, and even cheat in order to get their way. Below are five of the couples that are probably among the most well remembered in the history of the show, and not for anything good.

1. Jonathan & Victoria

Victoria wasn’t so much the problem here, but Jonathan was a real mess. If Victoria is to be faulted for anything, it’s for putting up with his antics. Throughout the entire time that he was on the show, he was rude to practically everyone and consistently made hateful comments about one person after another. In fact, he hardly ever said anything unless it was something negative. It got so bad that his attitude even became abusive in several different circumstances. As a result, he will long be remembered as one of the most infamous contestants that has ever appeared on this show or any other like it.

2. Oswald & Danny

It wasn’t really their attitude that got them in hot water, but it was the way they played the game. Some people considered it smart and others considered it cheating. They were having certain challenges completing some of the legs because they weren’t familiar with the area and didn’t know where they were supposed to be going. Eventually, they decided to solve this problem by employing local individuals to help them achieve all of their legs faster by using their intimate knowledge of the area. This became such a big deal that other contestants started doing it after they found out what these two had done and locals that were employed to help out were referred to as ferns. This put such a black eye on the entire competition that the show eventually banned any future contestants from doing it.

3. Tara & Will

The problem with this couple is that they had been married at one point in time, but had been divorced before they ever became contestants on the show. Apparently, the divorce was anything but amicable and they held so much anger for one another that they spent more time insulting each other than they did playing the game. It got to the point where people didn’t even want to tune in anymore because they were tired of hearing them complain and they were tired of their sarcasm.

4. Brendon & Rachel

Brendan was probably one of the rudest people that ever participated on the show, even though he couldn’t hold a candle to Jonathan. He just had an abrasive quality about him that turned practically everyone off. Rachel became just as much a source of frustration as Brendon, largely because she spent almost all of her time crying. She cried every time he said something hateful to her instead of standing up for herself and she cried every time something didn’t go her way. Fans were left wondering why she didn’t just tell him off and walk away, effectively solving the problem for both of them.

5. Joe & Bill

Joe and Bill both had a tendency to treat other people like they were beneath them. Obviously, this rubbed just about everybody the wrong way, for reasons that are totally understandable. This couple always seemed to be arrogant, no matter who they were talking to. Their worst problem was that they would literally do anything to win and they didn’t care if it was fair or not. As a result, they spent a lot of their time going behind the backs of others in an attempt to cheat everyone else out of their chance at winning the contest.

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