The Last Jedi “Snoke’s Throne Room” Lightsaber Battle Recreated in 16-bit

The battle in Snoke’s throne room in The Last Jedi doesn’t lose much when it’s converted to 16-bit. In this recreation it follows the video game format as you see Snoke’s image in a dialogue box at the top of the screen, as you would for many different video games, but after that it’s on when it comes to the main battle. Obviously the more intricate movements and details of the fight are kind of lost within the pixels but the idea is still there and you get the understanding that Rey and Kylo are a bit outmatched even given how awesome they both are.

But once again as we saw in The Force Awakens Rey has no quit and is able to overcome her opponents and then help out Kylo. You could argue that no matter what we learned about her parents in this film there might still be something to them. How many Jedi were there really when the Empire took over? And how many would have been ready to come back when the First Order took up right where the Empire left off? It’s fair to say that Luke would have been the last until someone else came along, as even hints and telltale plot points from what is being called the legends canon (thanks Disney) are taken up and integrated into the new canon.

So many people have condemned this film and the last one for the simple reason that the filmmakers have seemed to entirely disregard the fan base and what has come before without realizing that without a change, Star Wars would in fact stagnate and die out. Any franchise that wants to make it big and stay there needs to change eventually and come up with something new or the fans, who are fickle more often than not, will simply gravitate towards something else that is new and exciting.

Personally, as a fan of Star Wars for years upon years now, I was a bit disappointed at some aspects of the film and yet absolutely loved others. The throne room scene is one that kind of tore at me simply because as we’ve already seen there’s not a lot of hope for Ben Solo, as he has taken that road to the Dark side without hesitating. But now that he’s killed his master there isn’t a lot of surprise that he would try to get Rey to join his side. The only question was whether or not she would so after figuring out that Skywalker was not the man he used to be. And yet through it all there’s been redemption on both sides. For Kylo however that single moment of redemption was just an opportunity to jump the gap from uncertainty into absolute darkness. For Rey it was the solidification of an ideal that she will follow through on as she has become the last, supposedly, of the Jedi.

And for Luke, who so many believe was rendered so poorly, it was a chance to bring hope yet again to a cause that he championed for so long in his youth. People can say what they want about this film and they have and will continue to do so, but the story is just as powerful now as it was back in the day.

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