Kourtney & Kim Take New York — Dream a Little Dream: Episode 6 Recap

Kim Kardashian a recording star? That’s what tonight’s Kourtney & Kim Take New York would have us believe. Kim works with music producer The Dream to cut a catchy dance track. Scott pursues his ‘fall fashion pick’to establish himself as a fashion icon, much to the annoyance of Kourtney.

Through singer and mutual friend Ciara, Kim is approached by The Dream to record a single. Kim shies away from the idea, acknowledging she is no Beyonce. Ciara tells her that this is for fun and encourages her to meet with The Dream. After Scott is asked by paparazzi for his fashion choice for fall, he gets it in his head that he is and should be a fashion icon. Kourtney smirks so Scott asks Kim for advice, icon to icon. In pursuit of ‘the next big thing’on Madison Avenue, Scott ultimately settles on a $3500 walking stick and is determined to make it a trend.

Kim meets with The Dream to scope out his vision of her song and lets him know she’s terrified. The Dream promises to make her sound good, because after all, he has to look good. That night she listens to the demo of the song and gets cold feet. Kourtney convinces her to go for it. Scott introduces his new fashion accessory to the sisters, and Kourtney is of course, horrified, while Kim thinks its fab.

The next day as they set out down the street for coffee, Kourtney and Scott bicker about the cane. He intends to take it everywhere, while Kourtney grows more hateful of it. Later on at the studio, Kim is getting more and more freaked out. After several stops and starts, Kim walks out, feeling dejected. The Dream tells Kourtney to get Kim’s ‘ass back in here’. Kourtney peels Kim off the ceiling once again and she returns to finish the recording.

Back at the penthouse, Scott’s cane goes missing and Kourtney plays dumb. Scott bags up Kourtney’s shoes in a pillowcase and hangs it over the ledge. You really have to feel for Scott here, as he asks her why it bothers her so much, why take it from him and tells her he would never take anything from her. Finally, Kourtney relents and lets him have his cane.

Kim returns to the studio for a preview of her song, and she loves it. ‘Jam (Turn it Up)’turns out to be a heavily auto-tuned dance club track and that’s all it’s meant to be, so don’t get too excited. Finally singing for her supper? Okay I couldn’t resist that, but if the song is a success, at least now we can say she does something. Kim announces that half the proceeds will be donated to charity.

Classic line of the week: Scott asks Kourtney ‘Is there enough room in bed for my stick tonight?’Tune in for another new episode of Kim & Kourtney Take New York on Sunday, March 13 at 10pm (ET) on E!


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