What We Know About “Saving Flora” So Far

What We Know About “Saving Flora” So Far

There is a new independent family drama coming to television. “Saving Flora” is destined to be the next big hit for viewers who love elephants. We know that the film has been announced but there isn’t a lot of press available on it yet. We’re still waiting for a trailer to give us a foretaste of what is to come, but we were able to scour out some juicy tidbits of information about it. Here is what we know about “Saving Flora” so far.

The Storyline

The film is a drama about a circus elephant named Flora. She is no longer able to perform the tricks that made her an asset to the circus. The owner has decided to have her euthanized because she is more of a liability and expense now that she can’t pull her weight in the circus. Her fate is not a desirable one, so 14 year old Dawn, the daughter of the circus owner releases Flora and takes her away from the danger. They are bound for the elephant preserve where Flora will be safe from harm, but they have to make it through the woods and the distance of 200 kilometers. There are dangers on all sides, including two elephant hunters and a fast moving river.

What is unique about the film

It’s been a while since we’ve seen a moving film that addresses the inhumane treatment of animals.

This will make for an exciting drama that also has a humanitarian flavor. There is no doubt that the pair will encounter some heart stopping moments. This film will tell the world about the dangers that these innocent animals face when they are no longer suitable as a money making investment. There is a degree of inhumanity which is counter balanced by young Dawn’s swift action to save the beloved elephant. There is every indication

Cast and crew

Execs have released the names of the cast for the film. They include Jenna Ortega, David Arquette, Leonor Varela and Tom Arnold. In addition, Tai, the veteran film star elephant will play the role of Flora. The story is written by David Moss and Mark Taylor. Taylor, who is a well known veteran for commercial British TV is also directing the film. It is being produced by Fabio Golombek (“Like Sunday Like Rain”) of FJ Productions; Amber Wang of “Rock Dog” and Brad Billington known for “Lethal Cowboy.”

Other information

This film is destined to be an asset for the effort to enhance the conservation of elephants. The producers have made a vow to donate a portion of the proceeds of the film among different organizations world-wide, that protect elephants. The movie is currently in the pre-production stage of development. Filming is currently underway in Los Angeles, California. It is an American production that will include filming locations in Mexico. There has not been a release date set yet because the film is still early in its development. We’re looking forward to the release of a trailer when more of the scenes have been shot and put together for its sneak previews.

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