Michael Mann’s Next Film to Focus on Criminal Paul Le Roux

People who are interested in crime dramas might be familiar with the name of Michael Mann. After all, Mann is one of the most famous directors out there, not least because of crime dramas such as Heat and Miami Vice. As a result, there are a lot of people who pay close attention to Mann’s planned projects, which will include a movie based on the manhunt for Paul Le Roux.

Who Is Paul Le Roux?

In short, Paul Le Roux is a one-time programmed who turned into an online businessman. However, instead of sticking to legal business operations, Le Roux soon expanded to a wide range of illegal business operations. Some examples included but were by no means limited to illegal logging and illegal mining to smuggling gold, smuggling drugs, and smuggling weapons. Based on this, it should come as no surprise to learn that Le Roux’s criminal cartel was transnational in nature, which presented additional challenges for the authorities. However, in the end, U.S. authorities and their counterparts in other countries were able to cooperate to bring him as well as his associates in.

Mann is said to have become interested in the manhunt for Le Roux because of a book by Elaine Shannon, an investigative journalism. Much of the book focused on the crimes of Le Roux as well as the chain of events that resulted in him committing those crimes. However, the rest of the book focused on the manhunt, which had to be carried out on six continents because of the transnational nature of Le Roux’s criminal cartel. Said manhunt culminated in Le Roux being charged with a number of murders, though he is known to have been connected to more murders but won’t be charged for them because of a proffer letter.

Regardless, it is interesting to note that Mann has become so interested in the case that he has even been following along with the court cases that are continuing to be carried out as a result of the manhunt. As a result, it seems safe to say that Mann is bringing plenty of enthusiasm to his latest project. On top of this, considering his expertise and experience, it seems reasonable to speculate that the results might be rather interesting.

Of course, the problem is that not much has been revealed about Mann’s latest project at this point in time, which is unsurprising because it still seems to be in its earliest stages. Certainly, the concept seems promising, but at the same time, the lack of information makes it that much more challenging to evaluate. Moreover, considering the sheer number of crimes that were carried out by Le Roux’s criminal cartel, one can’t help but wonder whether this might’ve been better-suited for the TV screen rather than the movie screen. Still, considering that there just isn’t enough information to say one way or the other at this point in time, it is better to wait for further news to come out as Mann makes further progress before making a judgment on the matter.

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