Why Darth Revan Deserves a Solo Movie

A better question would be ‘why not make a Darth Revan movie?’, especially since the Old Republic stories don’t have to completely conform to what’s been seen in recent years since they take place thousands of years ahead of the three trilogies that we’ve seen. In fact, the only time that we’ve seen these stories thus far has been in video games and in books, apart from any fan films that exist, and even those wouldn’t be an impediment since the main story is still bound to be something that people will look at and wonder about. Those that have played Knights of the Old Republic will remember Revan though since as the main character he’s hard to miss. With the emergence of The Mandalorian though, a movie about Revan makes even more sense considering the fact that Revan was the Supreme Commander of the Jedi and Galactic Forces in the Mandalorian War, where he would eventually fall to the dark side of the Force and become Darth Revan along with his apprentice Darth Malak. The two of them became a serious problem for the Republic of the time and were hunted down by a Jedi strike force. While Malak escaped, Revan was captured and had his mind wiped as it’s been said, and this conforms with the game since the whole idea is to send Revan on a series of missions that eventually come to reveal the truth of who he is and how he came to be hunted by his own people. In the game, however, one can lean towards the dark side or the light side of the Force based on the actions they take, but one way or another, Darth Malak still has to be confronted at the end.

But with the advent of The Mandalorian, it feels like a good time to delve deeper into the history of the Star Wars galaxy in order to bring forward some of the more prominent characters that people have come to care about, a group that Revan is definitely a part of and one that can open wide a lot of different stories. Of course, from a cynical standpoint, it makes sense to think that Disney might find a way to tell this story in a manner that won’t conform to anything that fans are hoping for and will end up being yet another chapter in the Star Wars story that is given a full change to underwhelm those that are wishing for something great. The story of Revan is one that has a lot of potential to it, and this is one reason among many that a lot of Star Wars fans would love to see the story brought to the big screen, or to streaming since it brings to mind an epic tale that could go a long way towards detail the Jedi and the Sith in an even greater light. But to think that we’ll get it with all the Star Wars stories that are coming in the next few years is kind of presumptuous since there’s so much happening that one can’t help but think that Revan is one of the last ideas on the docket, even though he should be one of the first.

Due to Rogue One, The Mandalorian, and even Solo, it almost feels as though the effort to pull away from the Jedi and the Sith is becoming a bigger drive for the story, which is interesting really since there’s no getting away from it entirely. There’s definitely a push with a series such as the Cassian Andor show that’s coming up to tell a different side of the story and make it clear that the good guys and bad guys aren’t as clear cut. It would be kind of interesting to see a story concerning one of the two Death Stars to see if there would be a chance to pull from the many different perspectives that are there to be noticed, since like it or not, every person that operated under the Empire’s rule wasn’t evil, just like not every member of the Rebel Alliance was a squeaky clean hero without blood on their hands. The Star Wars galaxy has expanded way beyond anything that George Lucas could have imagined, and it feels as though creating the stories of the Old Republic to allow people to see what else is there to be witnessed would be a great idea since as much as the story has changed, there are still certain similarities that can be seen across the centuries in which the Jedi have been so prevalent.

Revan would be a great character to bring into the fold, and the Mandalorian War would be great since it wouldn’t just give a stronger base to The Mandalorian, it would help to show people just why the culture is so important in the overall story.

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