Should They Make A Live-Action Legend of Korra?

Should They Make A Live-Action Legend of Korra?
Should They Make A Live-Action Legend of Korra?

Though Netflix has been very quiet about its Avatar series, it is clear that the streaming service is moving the project along thanks to the recent photos showcasing the core cast of characters. Realistically speaking, we don’t particularly know the future of Avatar: The Last Airbender after the first book is covered. It is quite possible that the series could be canceled if Netflix isn’t happy with the ratings.

Still, even with the uncertainty of a live-action Avatar, questions have risen about the possibility of a spin-off, The Legend of Korra, getting the live-action treatment. Picking up 70 years after the first events of Avatar: The Last Airbender, The Legend of Korra followed a 17-year-old from the Southern Water Tribe and the successor of Avatar Aang.

The Legend of Korra has received more of a mixed response from fans. However, it’s a critically adored series that proudly carries on the Avatar name, even if some of the episodes aren’t strong as they should be. However, should The Legend of Korra get the live-action treatment if Avatar: The Last Airbender turns out to be a giant success?

The Benefits Of Showcasing The Legend Of Korra In Live-Action

Legend Of Korra 1


The Legend of Korra is simply a stunning series. Republic City  — which is reportedly an inspiration from turn-of-the-century Europe and the US, is a gorgeous landscape to look at. But it perfectly exemplifies the story itself. It represents the change and hopes of the new Avatar while highlighting the darkness that can lurk within.

However, it isn’t just because of the beautiful landscapes that The Legend of Korra should go live-action. The rich storyline telling is the ultimate reason that it deserves a larger scale audience. The Legend of Korra is more mature and darker than Avatar: The Last Airbender, so the creator can easily play the mature themes and culture that’s organically thrust into Korra’s arc.

Who wouldn’t want to see the exciting Pro-Bending sport in live-action? The Avatar series has magic that often rivals Harry Potter. The world is so colorful and inviting that it’s a culture that has many layers beyond the story the creators told throughout its four seasons.

The Negatives Of Showcasing The Legend Of Korra In Live-Action

Legend Of Korra

That a retelling of Avatar Korra’s story isn’t necessary. Consider this, Korra is only ten years old. So, anyone interested in the series can simply watch the amazing animation on Netflix. Rehashing the same story beat-by-beat feels pointless. Viewers know every twist and turn from beginning to end. Sure, reliving moments like the amazing episode that focuses on Avatar Wan would be cool. However, the same magic just won’t be there because due to the lack of unpredictability of the story.

It would be amazing to follow Korra after chapter four ended. The point is that showcasing the next adventures of these amazing characters can bring The Legend of Korra to life. Avatar Korra is a fascinating character, and it would be great to expand her journey beyond anime.

Sure, crafting a new story is risky because fans aren’t familiar with it. Considering that original Avatar creator Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko jumped off the Netflix project. Then the trust isn’t exactly there with the new directors steering the Avatar ship. It’s a tricky beast to deviate from the original stories that fans love but may be necessary to bring the property into the next generation.

So, Should They Make A Live-Action Legend of Korra Series?

Legend Of Korra

No. As amazing as the animated series is, it would be beneficial if there were new adventures showcased. Sure, it could pale in comparison with the stories that came before it. However, retelling the same story most of the audience already knows is unnecessary. Plus, the A Legend of Korra series budget would be astronomical. So it would be doubtful that it would be fluid and lively as the anime. No one would certainly complain if a retelling of the live-action series were announced. But it would be better if something new was on the horizon.

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