What We Know about New BBC Series “Hard Sun”

What We Know about New BBC Series “Hard Sun”

Hard Sun is an upcoming British drama that will start up on BBC One in January of 2018 and then Hulu in March of 2018. It is interesting in that it has been called a pre-apocalyptic series as opposed to the much more common post-apocalyptic series, meaning that it should offer viewers something new.

What Did the Trailer Tell Us About Hard Sun?

The basic premise of Hard Sun is that a pair of police officers named Elaine Renko and Charlie Hicks come upon evidence of an extinction level event that will be happening no more than 5 years into the future while looking into what seems like a routine death on initial inspection. As a result, the two are forced to cooperate for the sake of surviving until the end of the world in spite of the profound differences between the two. For example, Renko is incorruptible but more than a little bit unpleasant on a personal level because of her personal issues. In contrast, Hicks is committed to both his family and his police force, but at the same time, he is thoroughly corrupt. Suffice to say that the two main characters are opposites in more than one sense, which should provide their efforts in the face of the titular extinction level event that much more interesting to watch.

What Else Do We Know About Hard Sun?

If the basic premise of Hard Sun is not enough to sell people on the British drama, it might interest them to learn about some of the people who are involved with the project. For example, Elaine Renko is being played by Agyness Deyn, who has had important roles in a number of movies and TV shows in addition to her career as a fashion model. Meanwhile, Charlie Hicks is being played by Jim Sturgess, who some people might remember from Cloud Atlas even though that is but one of his numerous roles on both the movie screen and the TV screen.

As for the other people who are involved in this project, Neil Cross, Kate Harwood, and Elizabeth Kilgarriff are serving as executive producers. However, it is Hugh Warren who is serving as the sole producer, who some people might recognize because of his involvement with the BBC drama called Thirteen. Finally, it is worth mentioning that Brian Kirk will be the one directing Hard Sun, which is interesting because he has been involved with Game of Thrones.

Regardless, Hard Sun is coming out in the not so distant future, meaning that interested individuals will be able to form their own opinions about the series once it comes out. So far, it seems as though it will prove interesting for people who are fond of crime dramas as well as people who have watched a lot of post-apocalyptic series but are curious about the circumstances that lead up to the settings seen in such series. As a result, people who fall into these categories should take a look at the thriller for Hard Sun to see whether they are interested in it or not, which could help them find their next favorite series from the upcoming TV season.

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