Did You Know Denzel Washington Paid for Chadwick Boseman’s Oxford Education?

It’s not just anyone that can say that Denzel Washington paid for their education at an institution like Oxford. Chadwick Boseman however is one of the few that can make that claim and no doubt thank Washington continually for that chance. The star of Black Panther apparently held onto to that fact until he got to meet Denzel during an interview with Rolling Stone magazine. He’d already been studying to be a big actor when apparently Washington paid for him and a few others to attend Oxford for an exchange program, which is pretty cool when you think about it since not everyone gets this kind of chance.

There’s no doubt that Boseman is grateful since without this there’s a good chance that he might not have landed a few of the roles that have made him so famous in the last several years. If you can remember he also starred in 42 as Jackie Robinson, the man that eventually brought African-Americans into the MLB, and he was even in Draft Day with Kevin Costner. And then of course he brought the character of the Black Panther into Captain America: Civil War, before finally debuting as the character in his own movie. If not for Washington’s assistance these things might still have happened but the chance to up his game might have made it a bit easier. That’s the kind of boost that, when given to those that really want it, is the deciding factor that pushes them forward rather than making them work that much harder for what they’re after.

To date Boseman has been a great actor and is coming out as someone that could take the next generation of thespians in a very promising direction so long as he sticks close to what got him here and continues to be grateful for the opportunity. As of now the old guard in the acting circuit is beginning to get to the point that they’ve few options other than to allow the current and upcoming actors to bowl over them and take the spotlight, or groom them and all the transition to happen smoothly so that we as the audience get a sense that the torch has been passed rather than rudely taken from hands that aren’t ready to let go. So far Chadwick Boseman seems ready to be one of those that will learn and continue to get better as time goes by. Accepting the guidance and the help of those that have come before isn’t a weakness in any way, it’s a sign of respect for those that have been there, done that, and want to show the next generation the wisdom they’ve acquired.

Things are always going to change when it comes to film, but the fundamentals are bound to remain the same. The act of giving Boseman a chance like this meant that someone believed he had a shot and was worthy enough to give this boost to. Despite having never met him until the Rolling Stones interview Denzel must have felt it was worth his investment to give another actor a chance.

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