Kevin Bacon in Beverly Hills Cop 4? Interesting

Kevin Bacon in Beverly Hills Cop 4? Interesting
Beverly Hills Cop 4 Casts Kevin Bacon

credit: They/Them

It sounds as though the next Beverly Hills Cop movie is starting to amass a cast that should be able to bring a lot of hype that will be tough to live up to, especially since it feels as though the story could have ended at part two and been just fine. But saner heads aren’t prevailing in Hollywood at this time if one takes a look at all the sequels, remakes, and reboots that people are thinking of as great cinema. With that in mind, though, adding Kevin Bacon to the cast doesn’t sound like a bad idea since he’s been on a roll over the years when it comes to the various movies and shows he’s been a part of. Of course, Bacon has been one of the favored actors of Hollywood for quite a few years now, even during the lulls when his career doesn’t appear to have been doing that well. How he’s going to fit in with the BHC crowd is interesting to think about, at least until one realizes it won’t be the entire crew that’s coming back. 

See Eddie Murphy Back As Axel Foley In Beverly Hills Cop 4

credit: Beverly Hills Cop

There are a couple of interesting names returning to the group.

Judge Reinhold and Bronson Pinchot are coming back, apparently, which is kind of nice to hear, and a little surprising in the case of Pinchot since he wasn’t the most noticeable character in the movies, but he was still fun to see. There is the thought of what kind of role Bacon will take on, though, since as a villain, he’s been great. As a protagonist, he’s also been a lot of fun to watch over the years. In this movie, it does feel as though he might be better off as an antagonist since it’s very likely that at this point in his career, his skills as the villain might be a little more prized than they would be in the hero role. After all, his role in They/Them was easy to follow since he came off as a very condescending but effective camp counselor who turned out to be a villain that was simply outdone by a more insidious villain. 

The idea that his movie will be centered around Axle Foley is interesting. 

This makes it easy to wonder what role Bacon will be cast into since Foley appears to be the main concern in this movie, which hopefully means that this will be the last movie in the series. Right now, it’s tough to wonder why things are moving forward since the third movie was starting to lose the quality that the first one had, and it’s fair to say that trying to think of how well the fourth movie is going to go doesn’t inspire a lot of confidence. Plenty of fans might say otherwise since the blind faith that a lot of people tend to put in the return of one franchise or another and the continued skills of one actor, or another tends to go a long way when it comes to accepting one movie or another. At this point, Beverly Hills Cop 4 is going to be anticipated largely because it’s been so long since people have seen this idea. 

Eddie Murphy Begins Production on Beverly Hills Cop 4

credit: Beverly Hills Cop

A prediction for this movie is that it’s not going to be nearly as popular as the original. 

It’s easy to think that a lot of people are going to disagree with this, but the fact is that most sequels have a hard road when it comes to matching or surpassing the original movie that made them possible in the first place. Beverly Hills Cop was great at one time since Eddie Murphy was a hilarious actor back in the day. He hasn’t lost a lot since then, but his skill set has definitely changed over the years since he’s taken on a lot more family films and diversified in a big way since BHC. It’s very possible that he’ll be able to come back and be just as funny, but sadly, it does feel that many of the jokes and humor that made the first movie possible might not allowable this time around. 

Kevin Bacon can do a lot for a movie, but making it perform better than the original isn’t really his forte. 

There are several movies out there that have been made better because of Kevin Bacon’s presence, but the fact is that he’s not a miracle worker when it comes to making a movie great. He definitely makes movies better, but on his own, he can’t really elevate a movie that much. Along with an all-star cast though, it does feel possible that he might be able to convince a lot of viewers that this movie is worth taking a look at. If nothing else, it might be worth watching just to see how it fares with the rest of them. 

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