Just in Case you Missed “A Very Skeletor Christmas”

Just in case you missed A Very Skeletor Christmas, or you know, if you just needed something funny and filled with nostalgic feeling to look at, this clip is reminder of why childhood was so great. Most kids today wouldn’t even know who He-Man and Skeletor are if not for YouTube clips and various other methods by which to purchase the old cartoons. Those of us that grew up with them however, be they new episodes or reruns, fully remember what it was like to watch He-Man and Skeletor go at it back and forth in a seemingly endless battle that always saw He-Man gain the upper hand either through strength of arms or with the help of his friends.

But even bad guys want something for Christmas, even if it’s something that can’t be so easily given or won’t be given at all since it would grant them too much of an advantage. After all, Skeletor has his own tower and influence, why should he get all the fun stuff? Castle Grayskull would be a massive advantage that he simply doesn’t need. But to hear that he doesn’t appreciate his evil henchmen on Christmas is kind of depressing since it shows that he is the epitome of a bad guy, meaning he’s someone that doesn’t care who he hurts or why. He’s after power, and at least he’s not trying to hide it.

The comical side of this is that Skeletor is really his own worst enemy. For all the bungling and failures that his henchmen suffer at the hands of He-Man and his friends, Skeletor is supposedly the brain behind the brawn, which means that since he’s not all that effective he’s not really that smart. He acts like he’s the wisest, most intelligent person in the entire cartoon and yet he trips over his own feet, metaphorically-speaking, quite often if you really watch the show. He-Man doesn’t have to do much of anything other than stand in Skeletor’s way and let him ruin his own plans for conquest. That’s the kind of enemy that everyone needs, the kind that damages themselves when they mean to damage others.

Imagine how many problems would be solved if more villains were like Skeletor. Each new villain would eventually be so horrible at what they do that they’d take themselves out of the game and be more of an annoyance to the heroes than a true threat. Annoyances can at least be ignored without any real serious repercussions, but true villains that are smarter than what you believe are those that are really dangerous. Loudmouths like Skeletor tend to get in their own way out of habit, which is nice since the hero doesn’t have to do as much.

Ah yes, the good times spent watching the worst villains do all the talking and then all the running and making of excuses once things went south. You don’t tend to see that as much anymore since cartoon villains seem to have gotten smarter over the years. Sorry Skeletor, your time has definitely passed.

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