Julia Roberts as a Superhero? No Thanks

Julia Roberts as a Superhero? No Thanks
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Could she star in a superhero movie? There’s no doubt that she could rock another role, but the big hope is that Julia Roberts wouldn’t want to take on the role of a superhero or a villain. Before getting roasted for daring to say such a thing, there are reasons why this wouldn’t work, and those that can be revealed will make sense.

The first and most important reason is that Julia Roberts is a dramatic actress who can be funny at times but is otherwise bound by her dramatic roles and doesn’t appear to have much else in her repertoire that would work well enough to turn her into a hero or a villain.

As another important character in a superhero movie, it might work since she has enough clout and has been around long enough that it’s very possible that there might be a spot for her in a movie that would allow both her and the movie to shine if enough room was made for the egos that might seek to collide with each other. But whether she would make her way to the MCU or to the DCEU is hard to say since she’s worked with many individuals that have been a part of either cinematic universe. 

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She could be a wise or influential relative. 

Thanks to the fact that she’s been around for so long and has done so much, Julia is more than qualified for just about any role she might be given, so long as it’s nothing that requires her to put on a suit or be involved any more than is necessary. There have been plenty of villains who haven’t had to put a suit on in both DC and Marvel, so it’s feasible to think that she might be able to take on a role that would allow her to be seen in a regular set of clothing that would help to paint a picture of her character and what she’s all about.

But apart from that, Julia’s acting experience could come into play in a very useful way since, as it’s been seen with some actors throughout the years, the veterans will sometimes find a way to pick up those who have less experience and make them shine in a way that people will remember. Some have said that Julia Roberts isn’t a great person to work with, but some have said that she’s the sweetest person in the world to work around, so it’s hard to say what she might be like in a superhero movie. 

Switching things up at this time would be kind of tough.

It does feel as though this would be a huge switch to see Roberts in a superhero movie since, throughout the majority of her career, she’s been a dramatic actress that has injected comedy into her act whenever it’s needed. Even then, however, she tends to need someone with her to pull off such an act since, to be honest, she’s also not a comedian.

It’s too easy to say what she is and what she’s not when talking about her time on screen, so it might be best to think up a superhero movie that might require a lot of dramatic dialogue and a situation that would cater more to her skill set. Of course, at that point, it would become another dramatic movie, so it wouldn’t be too tough. But thinking that she could simply step into the DCEU or MCU and make her act convincing is kind of a stretch. 

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Dramatic actors can become a serious part of a comic book movie that can balance the story out. 

It can happen since there are plenty of actors that have been a part of comic book movies which have been seen in other movies that are completely serious and don’t allow for a great deal of humor. But while many actors have been able to make this happen, it still feels as though it might be an awkward switch to see Julia take on a role in the type of movie that a lot of people have already stated isn’t real cinema. Whatever folks think, it would still be interesting to see what might happen if she did decide to try it out. 

She’s not above starring in such a movie, but it might be best if she was a supporting actor. 

One can easily imagine that a lot of people might cry out in unison if Julia Roberts was made to be a supporting actor in a comic book movie, but seriously, this is probably the best spot for her. It’s also not a demotion since, in a superhero movie, there are plenty of characters that get a great deal of screen time even if they don’t have superpowers. But the one thing that would be tough to see is Julia Roberts as a costumed hero or villain. She’s fine the way she is and could rock a supporting role. 

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