John Wick Movies Get the Honest Trailers Treatment

There’s a reason why analyzing John Wick isn’t such a popular thing to do among many people, and it’s because the closer one analyzes it the more they pick up tidbits about the movie that don’t make as much sense when they’re slowed down and don’t really allow a person to keep their sense of wonder intact as they might like. In other words, slowing John Wick down really begins to degrade and destroy the movie. The closer a person looks at these movies the more they’ll see that it’s basically a revenge story being enacted by a guy that was a former assassin but upon the loss of his wife and then the killing of his dog, that his wife left to him, revenge will become all he cares about as he goes after the son of a mob boss, and then after the mob boss. If it had ended there in the first movie it might have been okay, but a second movie came along and, well, we know how that’s gone so far. There’s no denying that the action of John Wick is insane and definitely addictive since it’s quick, brutal, and it definitely puts a lot of people on the side of Wick since even with his wife gone he had a life, and peace of mind as far as anyone knew. When life came back to claim him though it was obvious that he wasn’t too happy about it and meant to dish out as much pain as possible. Unfortunately, even doing the job he was hired for in the second movie wasn’t enough since so many assassins and other individuals wanted him dead and were intent on taking him out themselves. Normally one might think that taking on a person like John would be done best from a distance, but something about the world in which John occupies appears to demand that everyone that tries to take him out does so face to face unless they’re cowardly like the guy that came to him in the second movie. There are still plenty of individuals that talk a good game but can’t fight to save their lives, and those are generally the individuals that people root to see killed.


The problem with this particular world, well one of them at least, is that it appears to be filled with assassins and very few regular folks, and unless are just that good at leading what appear to be normal lives and keeping such a massive secret, this world is an alternate one of ours where being an assassin is the standard way of living, and everything else is an aberration. Of course, that’s not bound to be true since there are still plenty of supposedly normal folk in John Wick’s world, but the fact that a group text can go out and touch hundreds to thousands of people in a single city is kind of indicative of how popular the role of an assassin is. And the fact that most of them likely know John Wick by reputation or even personally makes this kind of a prize something that’s worth more than just money, it’s a serious rise in status to whoever might kill him. when someone is described as the person you hire to take out the boogeyman there’s no denying that he’s something special, and someone so deadly that facing him down would be suicide for most folks.

Even in the third movie, it was established that the top killers sent after Wick were taking a job of such great importance that it required the best. And in the end, even that wasn’t enough. It’s great that these assassins have a code of honor and like to be a bit playful as they talk to John and kind of string him along, but giving your target time to settle, to gather himself, and not taking the shot when it’s possible, feels like a very poor decision for an assassin, especially when facing John Wick. This is the kind of guy that would, if possible, need to be put down quickly and without hesitation since otherwise one might as well stretch out their own throat and hand Wick the knife. That sounds kind of brutal, but if anyone really understands what an assassin does then they’d know that Hollywood is playing fast and loose with this bunch since in the first movie it was evident that Wick is in fact a deadly individual that no one in their right mind would want to mess with. In the second and third movies though, we’ve just about reached mythical status since this guy is like a cross between Nightcrawler and Colossus since he can appear and disappear at will and he’s tough enough to take multiple impacts that would kill a person and keep breathing. Maybe the MCU should give Wick a call and see how well he’d do on the roster.

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