John Cena and Jason Momoa To Star In Action-Comedy Killer Vacation

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It looks like Peacemaker and Aquaman will reunite soon. Though unfortunately, I don’t think any fish fun will be involved. Deadline has confirmed that John Cena and Jason Momoa have signed on to star in an action-comedy called Killer Vacation from Warner Bros. John Rickard and Peter Safran will produce the upcoming film, which was set before Safran. James Gunn became Co-Chairmen and CEO of DC Studios. Thus far, the plot remains under wraps, but the script comes from Brightburn writers Mark and Brian Gunn.

Given that it’s called Killer Vacation, I imagine someone dying or Cena and Momoa are secretly assassins posing as vacation tourists. This is complete speculation by me, though it’s called Killer Vacation, so killing is likely a big thing in this film. Maybe Aquaman will kill fish? We find out soon enough. Given the references, this isn’t the first time that Cena and Momoa have been onscreen together, as the former popped up for a cameo during HBO Max’s Peacemaker show. The joke was that Aquaman has sex with fish, so naturally, Peacemaker called him a fish f***er. Other than Peacemaker and Killer Vacation, the two co-stars are also confirmed for the upcoming Fast X film.

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Cena will return as Jakob Toretto, the master assassin who spent his time trying to kill his brother Dom and Mia in F9: The Fast Saga. Momoa will play an upcoming villain in the main Fast and Furious series film. There’s not much information on the role, though the Games of Thrones actor has made it clear in several interviews that his character is Flamboyant. In truth, an action-comedy with Cena and Jason Momoa is brimming with tons of potential.

John Cena has shown solid comedic chops in Trainwreck, Blockers, and Sisters. We’re just going to pretend that movies such as Playing with Fire and Daddy’s Home 2 don’t exist. The professional wrestler-turned-actor is no stranger to action, which isn’t surprising here. However, Momoa will be the one to step out of his comfort zone a bit. The actor has danced in the comedy realm somewhat, thanks to voicing Aquaman in The Lego Movie 2 and the recent Netflix film Slumberland; however, the actor has never been in a full-blown comedy.

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This film allows Momoa to diversify his skillset as a performer, and it should be interesting to see how he does in the upcoming role. But, of course, the biggest concern at Warner Bros is the DC universe saga that probably won’t be answered until early 2023. Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom is set for December  25, 2023; however, that might be the final time you see his version of the character in live-action form. The Hollywood Reporter stated that the actor could play a pivotal role in the new DC universe plans; however, that’s under another major DC comics role with Lobo. Of course, that’s purely speculation, as Gunn and Safran have yet to confirm their plans for what lies ahead for the DC brand.

The only confirmed news is that Patty Jenkins and Wonder Woman 3 are officially scrapped in the new phase of the DC universe. Oh, and Gunn stated that Superman would be in the next set of films; however, Henry Cavill will no longer play the title character. In terms of Killer Vacation, the pairing sounds fun, and the writers of Brightburn are an exciting choice; we’ll surely see how the upcoming feature does when it’s officially released. At the moment, there’s no scheduled date for the action-comedy. Once more information about Killer Vacation drops, we’ll update you immediately.

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