Joe Keery Outside of Stranger Things

Joe Keery Outside of Stranger Things

Stranger Things Joe Keery cast Season 4

credit: Netflix

Stranger Things was an exciting show through and through, from the very beginning, from its overall premise and plot, but what has stuck out most since Season 1 has been the characters and the actors that have portrayed them. Among them, Joe Keery, and his hair, have been the most popular, as his character Steve Harrington has been not only one of the most talked about but the most fearful of his death at some point in the show. However, outside of Stranger Things, Joe Keery had roles before the start of the series and since it started. Below, we’ve detailed the other roles of Joe Keery outside of Stranger Things and some more about the actor and those projects.

Stranger Things Steve Harrington

credit: Netflix

Joe Keery in Stranger Things

Joe Keery, and his character of Steve “The Hair” Harrington, have been in Stranger Things as one of the main characters since Season 1, but his original character was more of a bully or villain than the hero he’s called now. The character initially bullied Jonathan over Nancy and his general jock attitude, but as early as Season 2, the character started to show severe positive change. Fast forward to Season 4 of Stranger Things, and Joe Keery and his character have become even more of a hero than they were previously referred to. However, Joe Keery and his roles outside of Stranger Things extended to other genres outside of the supernatural and science fiction.

Joe Keery Post Animal band

credit: @thenewabnorm

Joe Kerry in Post Animal

Although not associated with the band anymore as of 2019, Joe Keery was once the guitarist and drummer and sang vocals, as all members of that band have. Once touring and acting weren’t working well together, Joe Keery left the band to not have his Stranger Things association cloud over the natural talents of the other musicians in the band, Post Animal. While Joe Keery was with Post Animal, the group performed at festivals and a studio session at Daytrotter. Since Joe Keery left Post Animal, he has still performed music under a different moniker as Djo, inviting his ex-band members to the stage for altered performances of previously released songs from the group. So while he has been an astounding actor in his short career, Joe Keery also has musical talents outside of Stranger Things.

Joe Keery in Empire

While Joe Keery may be a real musician, he portrayed a rapper in the Fox drama Empire, in which he was certainly not good, but his father had the funds to get him into the studio and where he was in his career on Empire. While Joe Keery may not have been the rockstar on Empire that he has proven to be in real life, the role only added to the list of Joe Keery and his roles outside of Stranger Things.


credit: @joekeery

Joe Keery in Horror Films

As Stranger Things has been its own variation of the horror genre, Joe Keery has also had roles in horror titles, including one with his girlfriend, Maika Monroe. Outside of horror films, like the horror short How To Be Alone, the two also appeared in After Everything together, a dramedy that also starred Jeremy Allen White, of Shameless fame, adding yet another exciting tally to Joe Keery and his work outside of Stranger Things.

Joe Keery Ryan Reynolds Free Guy

credit: 20th Century Fox

Joe Keery in Free Guy

As Joe Keery has stated that Ryan Reynolds was his role model, one could only assume how excited Joe Keery must have been when he had the opportunity to not only be in the action comedy Free Guy with Ryan Reynolds but also add a big comedy movie to his list of work outside of Stranger Things. J0e Keery played the character of a video game developer who worked in the video game world occupied by Ryan Reynolds’ character, Guy.


credit: RLJE Films

Other and Future Joe Keery Work Outside of Stranger Things

With a start in theater and roles in shows such as Chicago Fire before Stranger Things, but with a hero like Ryan Reynolds, it was no surprise that Joe Keery appeared in two fictional documentary comedy films, Death To 2020 and Death To 2021, in which he could genuinely and uniquely showcase his strange comedy inspirations. Although it hasn’t premiered yet or released much definitive information regarding its fifth season, outside of its cast, Joe Keery has been cast in one of the leading roles in the upcoming season of Fargo on FX, alongside other actors such as Jon Hamm and Juno Temple. As Stranger Things will close with its next and final season, Season 4, Joe Keery will likely become even more available for other pieces of work outside of Stranger Things in the next few years.

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