10 Things You Didn’t Know about Bella DeNapoli

When a contestant hopes to be part of “The Voice,” the way to make it happen is to get onto the blind audition portion of the show. That’s when you sing, the judges either want to turn around or they don’t, and you go from there. Bella DeNapoli is someone who was able to get the judges to turn around, and they loved her. She’s on the show now competing to win and be the newest star, and she did something bold this week. She covered a Gwen Stefani song. Stefani is a former judge, and she’s the new wife of current judge Blake Shelton – and we want to know if she killed it or if she ruined the song that Blake Shelton’s wife made – and we want to know more about the contestant who is so bold.

1. She is Young

She’s a young woman of only 22. She’s not the youngest on the show, nor is she the oldest on the show, though. She’s found herself somewhere very easily in the middle – will that work in her favor? Will she find that not being the youngest allows her to have some control and strength?

2. Blake Shelton Didn’t Turn for Her

When she auditioned for the show, she got three judges to turn their chairs for her. The only one who did not turn for her was Blake Shelton. The other three judges, however, loved her. They all fought over her and wanted to see her pick them.

3. She is A New Yorker

She’s a born and raised New Yorker. She’s from West Islip, and she’s been there her entire life. She has a large family, and they are very close. She keeps her New York roots close, and she’s sure to make things in her life as good as she can anytime she tries.

4. She is Italian

Her large family also happens to be very Italian. She calls them loud, big, and outgoing. We imagine that the holidays in her home are a lot of fun with so many people and with so many personalities and outgoing people hanging out trying to enjoy dinner and the fun that goes along with it.

5. She is Looking to Sing

Since she was a little girl, she’s been looking to turn her life into a superstar lifestyle. She’s always loved to sing, and she’s dreamed of this her entire life. When she graduated from high school, she left school to make her career happen for her. She’s been working hard for years, and she’s finally seeing her hard work pay off.

6. She Doesn’t Let Rejection Stop Her

Here’s something bold and big about this woman – she does not let rejection stop her. She was able to make it to the blind auditions, but you better believe she tried out seven times to make that happen. She’s been trying since she was only 16. The seventh time was a charm for her.

7. She Was Signed

At the age of 15, she was part of a girl group that actually landed a record deal with a label. They were signed, they were ready to make things happen, and then nothing came of it. We don’t know what happened to her and how it all worked out – or didn’t work out, we should say – but we do know that she did give it a try. Perhaps a solo career is more her style.

8. Blake Shelton Loved Her Rendition

When she made it her mission to sing a Gwen Stefani song live on the show, she did it her way. She made it jazzy and fun, and she made it her own. She sang “The Sweet Escape,” which we all know features Akon, and Shelton said that his wife and Akon might ‘have to add you to the copyright,’ after she performed and killed it.

9. She’s on Team Ariana

When she had to pick a judge, she didn’t shock anyone when she chose Ariana Grande. She’s 22, and she’s right in that perfect age range to be a huge Grande fan, so no one was surprised when this young singer chose her to be her coach.

10. She’s Got a Musical Family

Music and talent run in her family, and that’s where she gets it. Her own parents were in a band on the weekends – we assume when they were not busy with their day jobs and raising their large family – and she learned to have the talent, the skill, and the precision to do this professionally from their help and their guidance.

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