10 Things You Didn’t Know about Joanna Serenko


When you know what you want to do, you know what you want to do. That’s how life is for Joanna Serenko. Don’t worry if you don’t recognize her name. Most people won’t know who she is off the top of their heads right now, but they will soon. She’s a current contestant on “The Voice,” where she is competing to win the singing competition and end up famous for her beautiful voice. She might just make it happen, too. She’s good, and she’s impressed the judges and all of America who has already tuned in to see her perform. She’s talented, she’s young, and she’s still relatively unknown, though we can change the latter.

1. She’s Only 18

What is so amazing about this singer is that she has a powerful voice that makes her sound years old and more mature than she is, but she’s only 18 and she is killing it. She’s got a sound that is nothing short of entirely soulful and beautiful, and she is someone who is going to go far in life. She’s young, and she’s a recent high school graduate who is currently working on her dreams so that she can secure the future she wants in life, and we love that.

2. Blake Shelton Called Her Effortless

And, he’s not wrong. Her voice and her sound are effortless. She sounds like a dream come true when she’s singing, and we think that most of the judges were shocked when they heard her sing and then saw her face. She’s so young, and for that to come from her is effortless. He is right about that, and we get why all four turned around when they did.

3. This is Not Her First Audition

This is not the first time she’s tried out for the show, either. But, this is the first time she’s made it this far and she’s not mad about it. She’s made it through tens of thousands of hopefuls all looking to do the same thing, and she knows how blessed and thankful she is for this. It’s a feeling unlike anything else in her life so far, and she’s not mad about it.

4. She’s A Competition Winner Already

When she was a little younger, she was able to compete in her own local singing competition. It was the St. Louis Teen Talent Competition that the city held at their own local theater. She was part of the competition, and she actually won. We don’t know what kind of recognition she got from that, but she did take home the winning place.

5. She’s Performed Publicly Before

This will be the first time she’s performed and competed in a situation of this magnitude, but she’s not someone who is a stranger to this at all. She’s got a lot going for her, and we adore that. She’s from St. Louis, which means she’s had the chance to perform at local events, bigger events, and even things like some of her own hometown venues to show the world what she is made of. She’s doing quite well so far, too.

6. She’s Been Singing a Long Time

She knew her entire life she wanted to be a singer. She was just a little girl barely in kindergarten when her parents decided it would be a good idea to start her in singing lessons so that she could take home the trophy one day. She’s been doing it since she was only 6, and it shows. She’s so talented, and it shows she’s spent a lot of her life working on that.

7. She’s A Pianist

In addition to singing, she also plays the piano. Her mother allowed her to take both singing and piano lessons at the same time, which was a wonderful thing for her to learn. She’s good at both, though her passion clearly lies in the art of singing. She is someone who has a lot of talent and diversity in her talent, and that is only going to aid her in going even further along in this competition.

8. She’s Active in School

When she was growing up, she took part in a lot. She was a busy girl outside of her schoolwork. She took singing lessons and piano lessons, but her parents also let her join the marching band. On top of all of that, she also took part in the choir. She was so good. But, that’s not all, either. She was already very busy, but they also let her join the musical theater program, and it shows how hard she’s worked to refine her talent and her skill. She’s not just good. She’s hard-working, too.

9. Her Mom Has Different Ideas

Joanna’s mother is a nurse, and there is nothing that she would love more than to see her daughter do the same thing she did; go into the medical field. As a nurse, a doctor, or anything that allows her to work in the same field, but her daughter does not share her dream. While her mother knows it’s a wonderful career choice and it’s something that she can always do in her life, her daughter is not on board with the same. Maybe if her singing career does not work out for her, she will give it a try. But, her mother supports her even if their dream is not one they share.

10. She Put College on Hold

Because she dreams of becoming a singer and she knew she was going to take part in this show this season, the new high school graduate made the difficult decision to put off going to college right away. She’s not putting it off entirely, but she knew that she could not do both right now, and she had to make a decision. Her decision was to put it off and focus on becoming a famous singer, and she’s doing a lot better than even she thought she would when she started.

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