Doesn’t Electro’s Outfit Resemble Whiplash from Iron Man 2?

Doesn’t Electro’s Outfit Resemble Whiplash from Iron Man 2?

It’s very easy to take a look at the comics, especially the classics, and think that what we used to think of as impressive is, well, kind of silly considering that a lot of heroes and villains appear to be running around in tights and brightly-colored leotards that don’t appear to be practical at all. Some of them likely had properties that needed to be discussed since otherwise, it feels as though one solid hit would have torn them apart, and others just look impractical as hell since they have parts that stick out, wave around, and would hinder rather than help those wearing them. This is kind of true of Electro’s original costume since his design was likely meant to convey what he could do and make him look fearsome and cool, but the comic version was definitely kind of silly since it felt as though his facemask would have been a severe hindrance during battle. But then one had to remember that if Electro did let someone get close it could have been all over depending on the hero.

Thinking about his mastery over electricity, there aren’t a lot of heroes that could get close to him without suffering a bit, but it’s safe to say that things have changed since the comics, and his suit is just one of them. The comparison to Whiplash or Ivan Vanko from Iron Man 2 is easy to make since despite the absence, or need, of the coils that Vanko used against Stark, the suit does look like a similar design. And the idea that Electro is using Stark tech as several articles have stated is even more interesting since it not only brings the character into the MCU in a big way, but it does raise a few interesting questions. 

Another interesting question is the idea that every villain that’s currently seen in the trailers for Spider-Man: No Way Home, are said to have been killed while fighting Spider-Man, and with Doctor Octopus and the Green Goblin that’s true enough, but Sandman, the Lizard,  and Electro were revealed to be alive when all was said and done in their respective movies, so stating that they were dead is kind of hard to reconcile with since it would appear that the MCU is retconning the story once again. It’s also putting a lot of pressure on Peter Parker obviously, by that’s something to take note of when people get to watch the movie. One question that does come to the fore when it comes to Electro is how he came to look more like his regular self instead of the blue-skinned version he was presented as in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. These are answers that are bound to be forthcoming soon, but the design of his costume does feel like a bit of a throwback that kind of pokes fun at the design that Vanko had, and whether or not it’s able to be confirmed that the design was considered it’s still fun to notice. There are times when things in the Marvel universe get recycled and it comes off looking like a cheap copy that was given very little time to develop, but sometimes it’s a nice image simply because it incorporates elements that people recognize. 

It would almost appear that Electro is returning as a more powerful and far more controlled character in the next Spider-Man movie, but it’s also fair to think that like the other villains, he might not last long unless there was thought given to his presence in the MCU and how it could remain interesting for a while. In fact, it might lead to an interesting story if Electro were caught and sent to the Raft, since thinking of how an electricity-based villain would fare in a prison that’s located in the middle of an ocean, no matter that everything is contained and sealed away, is kind of interesting. But as of now, it’s hard to say what the MCU’s plans for Electro and many other characters are going to be, though it’s a big hope of many that the continued incorporation of various characters will continue since they could bring a new look to the landscape. But with Sony still holding the rights to several characters, it’s tough to think of what might be yet to come. 

This kind of makes it easy to wonder what the redesign on the other characters might be like, and whether or not the MCU will have extended use of them, or if Sony will be quickly taking them back. One can’t help but think that it would be advantageous for Sony and Disney if they continued to work together on the Spider-Man story, but that’s a story for another day. Right now, it’s enough to see various characters being brought back to the big screen. 

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