10 Things You Didn’t Know About Trieste Kelly Dunn

Although the TV series Believe was cut short before we could even really get into it, we fell in love with Trieste Kelly Dunn’s character right away. This American actress has been taking in roles here and there and quietly making her way to mainstream over the last few years. You’ve probably seen her in other shows such as Blindspot, Elementary, and Bull. Dunn still has a few things up her sleeve, and we predict that this actress will be around for a while. Here are 10 things that you probably didn’t know about Trieste Kelly Dunn.

1. She’s a theater school graduate.

Dunn attended and graduated the University of the North Carolina School of the Arts, where she actually played and starred in a few student films. Her classmates made some of those films and that would be the beginning of many more collaborations in the future. One of those classmates is award winning independent filmmaker Aaron Katz from Portland, Oregon.

2. She’s from Utah.

Dunn was born and raised in Provo, Utah, the third largest city in Utah. Provo is just about 43 miles outside of Salt Lake City. She went to North Carolina for college, and then she started her career in Hollywood around 2003 (although her first acting role came in 1995). So this was around the time when she moved there to pursue acting full time.

3. She’s never done anything like Banshee before.

Banshee is probably her biggest role to date, and Dunn says that she had never done anything like it before. More specifically, Dunn says that she’s never even read a script like Banshee before because although it was a TV show, it read like a movie.

4. She enjoys shooting guns on set.

One thing that Dunn enjoys the most when she’s on set is getting to play with fake guns. Dunn claims that she’d always been afraid of shooting guns before, but being able to fire fake guns was a lot of fun for me. It was a little different for her when she was shooting live ammo in the movie “Loves Her Gun.” That was a bit more nerve wracking, but she managed to pull through.

5. She loves shooting on location.

There’s something about being on location that just gets Dunn going. She claims that she hates being on stage in a production set because it requires so much more for the imagination to work. Shooting on location, on the other hand, will just help you get into character easier.

6. She knew she was getting killed off.

Even before the entire Banshee show started, Dunn already knew from the beginning that her character was going to get killed off eventually. As a matter of fact, they all knew exactly when, where, and how Siobhan was going to be killed off in the show.

7. She might be returning on Banshee.

Although her character had been killed off, Dunn says that there’s a good chance she might return to the show in the future. We’re not sure how it’ll happen or whether it’ll just be in flashbacks, but it’s something that Dunn has already hinted.

8. She was interviewed for Filmmaker Magazine.

In 2010, Dunn was one of Fillmmaker Magazine’s 25 New Faces, a segment that features the brightest young stars that are crossing through mainstream TV and film. It was an honor for Dunn even though she had been acting for a while already before the recognition came.

9. She’s got issues with acting wardrobes.

One of Dunn’s biggest complaints about TV acting was the wardrobe. She must’ve played one too many roles on high heels or a tight dress. She also prefers it when her characters aren’t in perfect costume. It might be because it’s more natural that way. According to Dunn, there’s something liberating about it.

10. She was in United 93.

This was probably one of the roles that propelled Dunn’s career. She starred in the film in 2006, just around the time when she was just getting her acting career going. Soon after United 93, the projects and roles just didn’t stop coming. Dunn has stayed active since then, and it seems as if she’ll be staying active for a while.

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