Amazon is Negotiating to Buy MGM for $9 Billion

It’s becoming easier and easier to see a future that will be controlled by only a few very powerful corporations while those beneath them do what they can to assert their own dominance and shout to the world that they’re still there and still have the clout to contend with the titans that have taken over the world. It’s melodramatic, I know, but when Amazon starts tossing $9 billion dollars at MGM to buy them out, such grandiose thoughts are easily formed. Some would call Amazon a little too money-hungry, others would wonder why in the world aren’t those billions going to the workers to better their lives and increase their desire to stick around, but overall the idea is that Jeff Bezos didn’t get rich by simply giving money away to those that are working for it. Some might say he’s one of the greediest men in the world and others might want to point out that he’s a shrewd but calculating businessman that knows what he’s doing.

Both arguments might be right since it doesn’t appear that Amazon really needs any help when it comes to entertainment since Amazon Prime is definitely filled with movies and TV shows that are capable of entertaining the masses. But as it’s been seen far too often in the history of business, a lot of people only think of moving up, and up, and up. To some folks, reaching a plateau and staying there is the same as picking a spot to die. In business, which some of us really don’t understand by design or simply because we have a few strong moral fibers that still resonate, things are constantly moving forward, and this would appear to be one of those moments when forward motion is set to roll over anyone that’s not willing to move aside.

One would think that Amazon has been doing just fine when it comes to amassing an impressive collection of movies and shows, but it would appear that taking over other companies is the thing to do at this point and MGM has remained one of the most noticeable companies in recent years, which makes it a valuable asset if someone could find a way to buy it out and take advantage of the added entertainment at their disposal. It does raise plenty of questions among those that want to know what it would mean for MGM in every possible aspect of the company, but one can easily guess that Amazon wouldn’t be stopping to care about much of it other than whatever is going to affect the bottom line and make them a profit. Needless to say, bigger companies buying out anyone that accepts their price are bound to create a great deal of change to the existing company based on their own criteria.

The going price that Amazon is putting up for MGM sounds like an astronomical amount to be certain, but when one figures that Disney bought Lucasfilm for $4 billion dollars years ago it makes sense, and that was for one franchise that was bound to expand. MGM has thousands of movies and TV shows that Amazon would be taking control of, so it balances out somehow. Plus, Amazon has been spending more than that bring all kinds of content to its site over the years, so it’s not too far out of bounds to think that such a price might net MGM and continue to build the overall influence of Amazon.

Some folks might actually think that big corporations getting bigger and throwing more influence around might be a negative thing and there are points to be made for that argument to be certain. I won’t go into them right now since it would take a while, but the fact is that big corporations do get a bad name at times for the things they do and the idea that they don’t care about their people. Having worked for a couple of corporations it’s hard to say for certain that they do care since it’s easy to smile at someone that works for you and assure them that everything is okay and that they’re valued. But with this campaign it does feel as though Amazon is looking change MGM quite a bit, which could possibly lead to people believing that the changes will be for the worse when it comes to the workers that depend on MGM for employment. There’s nothing to say that things will get any worse, but then there’s nothing to say that things aren’t going to change at all. If this deal goes through things are definitely going to change, but whether it’s for the better or worse will be determined when Amazon shows what they plan to do with their new acquisition. Until then, it’s just a lot of conjecture.

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