Jimmy Kimmel Goes Back in Time to Give Baby Trump Advice

Jimmy Kimmel going back in time to give baby Trump advice is kind of creepy. The doll is just flat out horrifying really and the fact that things have come to this is enough to face-palm yourself as you shake your head and wonder just how much more of a circus the current run of the POTUS is going to be until 2020 comes around. Right now it doesn’t seem like the media or those that have something to say about Trump are going to stop until he’s out of office. Even then it seems like the jokes might keep going for a while, so long as there’s material to be had on Trump and things that people want to say.

It’s pretty obvious that Trump has not been the most popular president at this point no matter what his supporters have tried to do and say to keep his approval ratings above water. Right now he might be in a position to do good things for the country but he’s still being dogged by the things he’s done and said in the past. His rather caustic behavior and mannerisms aren’t helping him really and his addiction to Twitter seems to be something that he might need rehab for when all is said and done. Overall Trump is not the favorite person of anyone that doesn’t care for him or his policies concerning the US. Yet for now, he is the POTUS and he is the person that is going to decide the fate of this country. Continually making fun of him is only playing into his need to be on top and to be in the public eye, which as president is kind of an obvious occurrence. Plus, he seems to enjoy the vitriol that is flung in his direction no matter that he does take offense to some of it on occasion.

It’s also hard to unseat anyone that’s so adept at covering himself when it comes to averting any disaster that might occur due to his past actions. Why so much of what he’s done and said has been let go is kind of hard to fathom other than politics is all about who’s in the seat of power, not who’s in the right and who’s in the wrong. It’s also a bit hypocritical to think that those politicians that pass laws and write policies for the masses are not always seen to follow the same laws and abide by the same policies that other people are made to. Supposedly the government exists to serve the people, not the other way around, but it’s often seen that the people live to serve the needs of the government in order to be patriotic and to support their own best interests. It’s a cloying mess that is extremely hard to figure out at time and even in the best of times can make a person dizzy.

So going back in time to tell a baby Donald Trump what to expect and what’s going to happen might only make things worse.

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