Watch Will Ferrell Sing “I Will Always Love You” at USC Commencement Speech

You know how I know I had a crappy commencement speech at my college graduation?  Because A. I don’t know the person’s name who spoke at mine and 2. I couldn’t tell you one word from it.  Not that you’d ever remember everything at your graduation commencement speech but it’s nice when you get a celebrity.   I went to Tulane so it would have been nice to have seen Ellen Degeneres the year she came to my Alma Matter.  My brother had James Earl Jones at his and I couldn’t recite one line from the speech but I do remember his last line and it was “May the force be with you.”  Look it up.  Emerson College 1995.

I bring all of this up because if there’s one commencement speech you would most certainly never forget it’s Will Ferrell.  This year Ferrell had the honors at USC and he didn’t disappoint.  The highlight was probably when he sang “I will always love you” by Whitney Houston but all in all he had his moments.  I’m sure this class will be telling their friends about it for years.

Check it out below:

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