Did “Preacher” Go Too Far with Recent Graphic Jesus Scene?

Recently, the AMC TV show Preacher caused something of a scandal with one of its scenes. To be exact, said scene was a sex scene with Jesus as one of the two participants, though this is not made clear until sometime into it. Regardless, there are a fair number of people who are less than enthused about the whole business, with an excellent example being Bill Donohue of the Catholic League, who tends to get worked up about this sort of thing.

Why Some People Should Have Seen the Preacher Scandal Coming

With that said, people who are familiar with the Preacher comic book series could have predicted this as soon as the Preacher TV show started being broadcast. After all, the source material had numerous elements that could have been considered offensive to Christians, which was not helped by the fact that it was not exactly the most subtle work out there.

For example, Preacher has a secret organization called the Grail. People who are familiar with some of the sillier pseudo-historical theories surrounding the Holy Grail in recent decades might be able to guess that the secret organization protects the descendants of Jesus in preparation for the End Times. Unfortunately, it has chosen to do so by breeding the descendants of Jesus with one another, with the result that the latest generation of unfortunates are in no sense capable of fulfilling their intended role in the Grail’s plans because of a host of genetic maladies.

Furthermore, while this has not come up in the Preacher TV show so far, God is indeed a character that will show up at some point assuming that it is faithful to the comic book series. It would be spoilers to go into too much detail about the nature of God as well as the events surrounding God in the comic book series, but suffice to say that it is far from being positive. When the Preacher TV show reaches that point, it seems probable that it will provoke another scandal of the same sort.

Did Preacher Go Too Far?

Of course, saying that people familiar with the source material could have seen this coming is no shield, not least because a lot of the people watching the Preacher TV show will not be familiar with said source material. On the one hand, people should have the right to think what they want as well as exercise that right to think what they want when it comes to creating media so long as it causes no harm to other people, though the exact point at which the exercising of said right starts causing harm remains a subject of heated contention. On the other hand, people have a point when they say that such rights should be used in a responsible manner, though once again, the exact definition of responsibility is something that will see enormous variation from person to person. Never mind from creed to creed.

Summed up, there is no real way to come up with a simple and straightforward answer for whether Preacher went too far. Certainly, there are people who believe that it did, as shown by those who are complaining about the Jesus sex scene. However, there are also plenty of people who either aren’t bothered or can’t be bothered, not least because such scandals seem to come and go on a semi-regular basis.

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