Star Trek Behind the Scenes Secrets You Didn’t Know

Star Trek Behind the Scenes Secrets You Didn’t Know

Star Trek Behind the Scenes Secrets You Didn’t Know

Don’t ever talk trash with a Trekkie, they will do their best to verbally eviscerate you in every way possible if you so much as whisper an unkind word about their favorite science fiction show. Star Trek has been such a mainstay of television and film for so long that to even think of saying an unkind word about the franchise would bring down a whole hailstorm of verbal abuse. But the fact of the matter is that things have not always been so great on the sets and there have been a number of dark secrets that many fans simply don’t want to think about. Even one of the greatest franchises to ever exist has had its fair share of issues that have never quite gone away or been forgotten.

Here are just a few of them.

5. A lot of the actors hated the shows they starred in.

People were constantly griping about the roles they had to play, the people they worked with, and so on and so forth. For a long while now Star Trek movies and episodes have been fraught with conflict between the actors, directors, crew members, and pretty much anyone that decides that things aren’t going their way.

4. Dr. Crusher had a good reason for leaving in season 2 of Next Generation.

The actress was dealing with a great deal of pressure from the director and was subjected to sexual harassment as well. She left in season 2 but was such a beloved character that people finally took notice. The cast wanted her back as well and actually petitioned for the director to be fired so that they could get back on track again.

3. The uniforms for the original series were made in a sweat shop.

The original series was run on a shoe string budget and didn’t always have the money to afford everything they needed. This is why at one point they turned to sweat shop labor to provide the cast with the needed uniforms. The unfortunate part about this was the fact that it was highly illegal. By sneaking the uniforms in they didn’t have to deal with any legal issues.

2. William Shatner didn’t get along with anyone.

As a younger man Shatner was kind of a jerk that no one wanted to work with. As the character of James Kirk a lot of people liked him, but when the cameras were off he was horrible to people. He was friends with Leonard Nimoy after about two seasons of the show, and DeForrest Kelly for a good chunk of time, but the rest of the cast simply couldn’t stand him.

1. Gene Roddenberry wasn’t easy to work with. 

Apparently Roddenberry was a bit of an alcoholic and a verbally-abusive drug user on set. This made him more than just hard to work with, it actually cost him a good number of writers and made a lot of the cast hesitant to deal with him. The rumor is that a lot of cast members would go out of their way to avoid speaking to him or even being around him at all.

A lot of this seems unreal, but the truth of it is that Star Trek is not the most well-put together cast or show. But it’s still insanely popular.


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