Is The Show Counting On Scripted?

Is The Show Counting On Scripted?

When the Duggar family made their TV debut in 2008 on 19 Kids and Counting, they were considered one of the most wholesome families on reality TV. Sure, some of their beliefs were a little unorthodox, but they seemed like a loving and unproblematic family. However, when news broke in 2015 that Josh Duggar had molested five young girls, including some of his sisters, the perception of the family changed forever. Although 19 Kids and Counting was canceled that year, the family quickly returned with a spin-off later that year. Since Counting On has been on the air, it has raised the question of whether or not the show is scripted in an attempt to rebuild the family’s image. After all, they could definitely use some good PR.

While it would definitely be a little disappointing to find out the show is scripted, it wouldn’t be the first time reality TV proved to be anything but real. Keep reading to learn whether or not the TLC reality series Counting On is scripted.

Some Signs Point To Yes

One of the main things that makes people think the show is scripted is the fact that the Duggars always seem ‘perfect’. By now, viewers already know the family has some dark secrets. However, the show still maintains an innocent feel that many find unrealistic.

Over the years, the Duggar family has also inadvertently done things to support people’s beliefs about the show being fake. In 2019, Jana Duggar posted some behind the scenes photos from the show on Instagram. Many people were instantly confused when they realized that some of the photos appeared to be taken on a set. It didn’t take long for people to start commenting with questions about the location. Jana quickly attempted to shut down any rumors.  She clarified that the photos were taken in the family’s guest house. However, she did confirm that the 1-on-1 interviews are filmed on a set. While some people believed her explanation, others continued to have doubts.

There have been several discussions across the internet about the validity of the show. There is even a Reddit thread dedicated to discussing how fake the show is. One user went as far as to say, “The Duggar’s are extremely careful with what they do and say on the show. They hardly show the reality of what it’s like for kids living in their cult. They’re very careful to show everyone happy and smiling. Every single thing is scripted.”

Another user added, “You know TLC cuts a ton of footage because they know how it looks to non-fundies, there’s no way the Duggars don’t use homophobic, racist, sexist etc. slurs in every day life, don’t tell jokes with the same themes, don’t rant about politics, all sorts of things. They’re not smart enough to hide all of it so you know TLC edits the bejesus out of them.” Several viewers on the Reddit thread have even admitted that the show is so fake that it’s boring. As a result, they can’t wait for it to be cancelled.

At the end of the day, however, TLC markets the show as a reality series. If the show really is scripted the network certainly wouldn’t admit it. The Duggars would also never openly admit that the show is scripted. Ironically though, people didn’t have such suspicions about 19 Kids and Counting being scripted.

Does It Matter?

Reality TV has gotten really popular over the last decade. Most people would never want to admit being nosey, but millions of people tune in to countless shows every week. Unlike lots of other shows, the Duggars offer something a little less dramatic than the norm. While that is what draws lots of people in, it’s also what makes some viewers doubt the show’s authenticity.

The truth is that most people who watch reality TV know that it’s not exactly real. Even if the show isn’t scripted, there’s a very good chance that situations are manipulated to create a more ‘entertaining’ environment. Plus, after the huge public scandal the Duggar family has already had, it wouldn’t be surprising if they wanted to carefully craft their image.  Unfortunately, however, it doesn’t seem to be working. Judging by a lot of viewers comments, many viewers are watching the show with the understanding that it’s scripted. And thinking the show is fake doesn’t seem to stop fans from tuning in. With the show now in its 11th season, Counting On appears to still be going strong and it doesn’t look like the Duggars are going anywhere any time soon.

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