Let Us Never Forget that Bill Burr was in Breaking Bad

Bill Burr was one of the henchmen in Breaking Bad, the guys that were sent out to do a job on occasion. As one of Saul’s guys he was tasked with doing whatever illicit actions that Saul needed. His part wasn’t huge when it came to the show but it was substantial since without him and his partner Huell there are a few things that might not gone over as well. From buying the car wash to making sure that Ted wouldn’t talk after he fell and broke his neck, Burr’s character, Patrick Kuby, was there for a lot of it. In this particular scene he and Huell were off retrieving Walter’s millions when Huell just had to channel his inner Scrooge McDuck and take a ride on the pile of cash that was likely more than any man had ever seen.

The only reason that he and Huell didn’t take the suggestion to take the money and head to Mexico is that Kuby was smart enough to know what Walt might have done to them, especially considering that Walt had managed to kill several people in prison without much effort. Kuby was not a stupid man and he knew better than to doublecross anyone that couldn’t be easily dealt with. Of course he and Huell never expected what happened to Ted. When the guy fell and broke his neck they assumed that he was dead and ran away, proving that while they’re definitely henchmen they’re not hardened killers. This was part of what was awesome about Kuby since he knew how to follow orders but he wasn’t always the bravest guy around when it came to the unexpected happening. He knew how to get around but he also still had faults that made him more human and thus easier to relate to for a lot of viewers.

Kuby was the kind of guy that wanted to get the job done and get it done right. He didn’t want to mess around and make a scene of it, he just wanted to do what he’d been tasked with and be on his way. Henchmen are typically anywhere from the dumb and physical to the brainy and brutally efficient type. Kuby was somewhere in the middle but Huell was definitely somewhere near the lower end since he was far more imposing and less prone to being as much of a professional. That could be why Kuby and Huell were the perfect match, they knew how to counter one another and how to work around each other’s weaknesses. Whatever one of them lacked the other could make up for it. That they were part of Saul’s A-team didn’t mean much since Saul was prone to bad decisions himself and wasn’t entirely on the level a good deal of the time.

In some ways Kuby was almost a comedic role at times, but he was definitely less than funny a lot of the time. The sad part about Kuby is that it’s not really known what happened to him since Hank told Huell that Walt killed Kuby, but there was no visual record of this on the show.

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