The Top Five Lip Sync Battle Performances of All-Time

The Top Five Lip Sync Battle Performances of All-Time

Lip-syncing used used to be considered the ultimate sin in the music industry. A lot of people remember the snafu that Milli Vanilli got into back in the late 1980s, and since then lip-syncing has been a running gag that could either tarnish a reputation or create a humorous sketch on SNL or any other comedy show. Most fans would have to admit that it was only a matter of time until someone with enough gumption would finally figure out how to make an entire show that was about, you guessed it, lip-syncing.

Since the show “Lip Sync Battle” has been on it’s been seen to be one of the most popular shows around, gaining a definite following as stars aplenty have performed some of America’s favorite hits no matter if it’s a man singing a woman’s song or a woman singing a man’s song. It’s all good fun and it gets ratings, so what could possibly go wrong? As of now, here are the five best performances of all time

5).Common – All Night Long

It’s hard to catch this guy smiling all that often. Each role he plays he seems to be locked into perma-scowl just to keep his composure, and when he does crack a grin it seems so wildly out of character that viewers feel sure that he’s missed his line or flubbed a take. But with this dazzling performance Common makes it known that he is in fact a fun-loving guy that knows how to get down and have a good time. The wig is a little much to take, but it adds to the song, and the experience.

4. Anna Kendrick – Booty

This almost doesn’t seem fair to be honest. Anna Kendrick is for lack of a better word, hot. While she might not be the greatest singer in the world, she most definitely has the moves and brings this song to life in a way that her competitor couldn’t even begin to contend with. The original artist of the song couldn’t have done much better, and that’s saying a lot.

3. Dwayne Johnson- Shake it Off

He might not be much for the hip shaking and dainty stepping, but The Rock does indeed know how to act the part. Singing as Taylor Swift might make a lot of people cock their heads and wonder what the Great One is up to, but there’s no denying that he’s having fun. Even the girlish little titter that Swift puts into her piece isn’t missed by the Rock as he gives the people exactly what they want.

2. Stephen Merchant- Dirty

There’s something about a tall man dancing that just doesn’t seem to equate to grace, and Merchant seems to know this, and revel in it. Whether its his slightly disturbing wardrobe or the fact that he’s having such a good time one can’t help but be amused at this performance. Just by dint of the song and his reaction to the beat one has to give Merchant major props for this appearance.

1. Anne Hathaway- Wrecking Ball

First, it’s Anne Hathaway. Second, she’s dressed in a super hot getup with bright red lipstick. Third, it’s Ann Hathaway! It seemed like she had her work cut out for her when her opponent Emily Blunt, who’s also quite hot, came out singing Janis Joplin word for word and on point, but Hathaway fired back in spectacular fashion. If she ever learned how to sing her own songs Hathaway might become a worthy contender for pop start of the year.

Don’t worry we didn’t forget about Joseph Gordon Levitt and Jenna Dewan Tatum

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