Full House: Our Favorite Stephanie Tanner Moments


Full House fans and critics alike have been tuning into the series’ spin-off Fuller House, which premiered on Friday. The reviews are in and not everyone is impressed by the zany hijinx that made the original so special. The new series focuses on recently widowed DJ Tanner trying to raise her three sons in her childhood home. In order to help her make it through this difficult time, sister Stephanie and best friend Kimmy move into the home. Stephanie Tanner was my favorite character on the original series. She has many hilarious moments. Here is a list of our five favorite ones. Did any of yours make the list?

5. Stephanie is a Dancing Queen

Numerous episodes of Full House mentioned Stephanie Tanner’s love for dance. There was even a storyline where Stephanie pretended to mess up at her class’s recital because she was too scared to tell her family that dance was taking up too much of her time. Before that happened, Stephanie danced her way into Full House fans’ hearts during this season three episode which takes place during a telethon Danny is hosting.


4. Stephanie has the Yolk on Her Face

Stephanie may not have yolk on her face, but she did break her nose when she paid a visit to the Mr. Egghead Show during season three. Joey was hosting this show (while Jesse accompanied him for the musical piece) and accidentally broke young Stephanie’s nose during a science experiment gone wrong. How many jobs did these guys have over the 8 year run of Full House? Stephanie then realizes that class pictures are later in the week and Joey hatches (get it?!) a plan to have the entire class wear funny glasses to make Stephanie more at ease.

3. Stephanie trusts Kimmy Gibbler?!

For six seasons of Full House, Stephanie Tanner would not have trusted Kimmy Gibbler with her life, let alone her ears. However, she made the exception when Danny refused to let her get her ears pierced. Kimmy uses her brother’s piercing tools and Stephanie ends up getting a bad infection. In order to try to hide what she did, Stephanie does her best Princess Leia impression and uses her hair to cover up the newly pierced ears. Full House fans just need to ignore the fact that Stephanie’s ears have been noticeably pierced for years.

2. Stephanie and DJ have a tug of war

Stephanie always looked up to sister DJ. One day she took things a little too far and even began dressing like her big sister. The two end up in Danny’s room and put a hole in his wall during a brief tug of war match. The sisters are successful in hiding what they have done from Danny, which is a Full House first. They even perform a little song and dance to help with the plan they concocted. This season four episode is one of my favorites, but isn’t as great as the moment listed below.

1. Stephanie is just hanging around

The best Stephanie Tanner moment comes from another season three episode of Full House. Joey leaves Stephanie alone to watch his car. She ends up driving it through the kitchen. Before she can get into trouble, Stephanie runs away to Becky’s house. When Jesse arrives at Becky’s place, she hides in the closet. Jesse opens the door and we laugh hysterically as Jesse comes eye to eye with Stephanie hanging from the door in a coat. Though, she would have been unable to ever get herself in that position, it still remains as the greatest Stephanie Tanner moment on Full House. Now we will need to start looking out for our favorite Stephanie moments on Fuller House. The New Kids on the Block dance is a high contender already.

Which Stephanie Tanner moment is your favorite? Let us know in the comments section below.

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