Jim Carrey’s Wrongful Death Lawsuit is Dismissed

Jim Carrey’s Wrongful Death Lawsuit is Dismissed

It’s been a harrowing time for comedian and actor Jim Carrey but finally the wrongful death lawsuit that was filed against him in 2016 has been dismissed. Carrey’s girlfriend Cathriona White committed suicide in 2015 with an overdose of prescription drugs that the star was said to have procured for her illegally. The suit was brought to light by her mother and estranged husband, whom she’d had limited contact with for some time. Carrey was devastated by her loss but even more so by the fact that her family came after him only a year after her passing seeking damages and to ruin his reputation. Even Cathriona seemed intent on ruining him as in her suicide note she implicated that Carrey was the one to introduce her to the lifestyle that eventually made her take her own life.

Throughout this legal mess Cathriona’s mother and husband were noted for their attempts to slam and slander Carrey’s person and seek damages that were in many ways akin to extortion. The suicide itself seemed to become less important than the effort of going after Carrey and getting whatever they could from him. For all intents and purposes Carrey had nothing but adoration and respect for Cathriona, and yet she too began to implicate him for many things that he has firmly denied. He refused to be intimidated or in any way put off by these extortion attempts and filed a counter-suit against Cat’s mother and husband in an effort to get them off of his back.

The saddest part of this whole affair is that the loss of a daughter and wife did not take precedence and that an estranged husband coming back to care for his wife finally didn’t fight any harder, which would have made a lot more sense. Estranged usually means that two people are no longer living together and have no feelings for each other at all. And yet after her passing Cat’s husband decided that he cared and wanted to do something to hurt pretty much anybody that he figured he could get something out of. Jim Carrey was perhaps one of the biggest targets around and the only one that was within reach so why not?

That might seem a bit cynical but really the idea of suing someone for the wrongful death of a person you no longer cared for or even bothered to reconcile with seems a tad strange. There’s not enough personal facts on file to really get into just who did what and what life was like between Cat and Jim, but with so many pictures showing the devastation that was plainly writ on the face of the comedian it stands to reason that he was grieving pretty hard. No matter what had passed between them at that point he still had feelings for Cat and forgave her for whatever had come between them in the past. As for the mother and husband their timing is simply too shady for words, no matter that they might have been grieving as well.

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