10 Things You Didn’t Know about Jessica Stroup

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Jessica Stroup

She doesn’t really look it in the picture above but Jessica Stroup is in her early thirties and still looks great. She’s one of those names you might not have heard a lot about simply because of the number of actors that are out there and because of personal preference in what you watch. But she has been in a few noteworthy productions that bear watching. Her roles usually seem to see her as someone in some kind of authority but with a tenuous quality to them that means that the character could be unseated somehow if they weren’t careful. That kind of role seems like it might be tough as you would have to act as though you were constantly on edge, but obviously she’s been doing just fine with it. So far she’s made a very good career out of it so you know she must have perfected the act somewhere along the way.

Aside from that her slight lack of exposure could be the type of movies and shows she stars in. Not everything is going to be seen as a blockbuster and not every show is going to be seen as worth watching. But she’s been in enough shows that already have a fan base that has been looking forward to a reboot or remake that she’s become a known commodity and someone that people can get behind.

She seems like an actor that could push forward into something bigger if she got the right break.

10. She started modeling at the age of 15.

A lot of young women seem to go the modeling route on their way to acting. It does seem as if it might grant them the confidence and the added poise they would need while on set. It would certainly help to get them over stage fright, as models are seen continuously in many, MANY places depending on what they’re modeling for and how popular whatever they’re modeling happens to be.

9. She’s a big volleyball fan.

Volleyball can be a very addictive sport if you really get into it. The idea that there’s strategy behind it and that it’s even more difficult than it looks isn’t really felt until you’re on the court with someone that knows how to play. When they serve and when they spike that ball it’s coming at high speed and it’s not as easy as one might think to keep it from smacking them in the face or anywhere else that might really hurt. So in all honesty those women and men that enjoy this sport are fairly tough since they’ve all been likely to take a hit to the face a time or two.

8. She’s a big horror fan.

This is very fortunate since she happens to star in horror movies. One of her favorites is The Shining, so obviously she has good taste in movies. Horror is something that people love simply because it gives them that scare and forces one’s adrenaline to spike at the peak moments. It’s not as much of a rush as say, skiing down a black diamond trail at top speed, but depending on the movie it can still be a big rush that won’t be forgotten.

7. Her mother is a former Miss North Carolina.

Her mother was actually the one that suggested to Jessica that she get into modeling. The chances are good that her mom was fully supportive of her daughter taking to acting once she figured out what Jessica wanted, but there could have been some struggle to at least make her understand what she was trying to get into.

6. She’s a Clemson Tigers fan.

Even celebrities still have their favorite teams. The Clemson Tigers are a great team to follow and one that, when it comes to college football, seems to be unbeatable some years. When the season starts you can almost always see celebrities taking in a game or two when they have time.

5. She had a full ride to the University of Georgia but went into acting instead.

Not many people would turn down a full ride to college but Jessica obviously knew what she wanted and decided to go for it. If there was any argument about this and why it might be a bad idea it was obviously short and over with in quick fashion or it didn’t happen to begin with.

4. She’s got a modest filmography.

Having started her career in 2005 she’s not a rookie by any means but she still has been putting in the work and getting enough jobs to make a respectable resume. While she hasn’t done a boatload like some people she’s still done enough to be significant.

3. She had a part in Iron Fist.

Her role in this show is Joy Meachum, one of Danny Rand’s childhood friends and, along with her brother Ward, someone that stands to lose a lot when Danny returns seemingly from the dead to take his family’s company back.

2. She was in The Hills Have Eyes 2.

The remake of the original movie didn’t exactly draw much of a crowd, and the second one did even less, but it was still just as gory and just as disturbing. She and her fellow cast members play a squad of National Guardsmen that have to fight for survival against the mutated humans that call the hills home after a mission goes awry.

1. She’s very health-conscious.

She exercises daily, watches the kind of food she eats, and is pretty good at sticking to the same diet that keeps her fit and trim. If only we all had this kind of discipline the obesity in this country might take a steep nosedive and a lot of processed food companies might be in serious trouble.

Seriously, one good push for her career and she could be a superstar.

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