Why Guillermo Del Toro is Taking a Year Off From Directing

Why Guillermo Del Toro is Taking a Year Off From Directing

Guillermo Del Toro has had a busy schedule in recent years. Since the beginning of 2013, he has been involved in 11 movies, three of which he directed. He has also directed two television series. Recently, he was at a group interview in Morelia Mexico when he made an announcement to the crowd. He told them that he has decided to take a sabbatical from directing. He had planned to direct ‘Fantastic Voyage’ after his latest movie ‘The Shape of Water’. However, he has decided instead to take a break.

‘The Shape of Water’ is complete and will premiere on December 1, 2017. Del Toro co-wrote, directed, and produced this film. Starring in this romantic fantasy horror movie is Sally Hawkins, Michael Shannon, Richard Jenkins, Doug Jones, Octavia Spencer, and Michael Stuhlbarg. ‘The Shape of Water’ is already an award-winning movie as it won the Golden Lion for the best film in the competition at the 74th Venice International Film Festival.

Del Toro also spoke about his upcoming projects. He said he is studying two upcoming projects with Barbara Bertha Navarro. One of these projects is to produce a film by Patricia Riggen, although he cannot reveal the title. Speaking of Navarro, Del Toro said that she is the type of writer and director who works best with a good production structure.

He went on to talk about the script he is writing called ‘Silver’. It is about a masked Mexican wrestler who learns that politicians are actually vampires and plans to bring them down. The script is something he has been working on for some time and it is still incomplete.

One of the television series on which Guillermo Del Toro has been working in recent years is ‘Trollhunters’ which is aired on Netflix. While Del Toro revealed that there is news about season 2 of the series, he was unwilling to reveal the nature of this news explaining that Netflix would not be happy if he gave anything away. However, he did say that the news will be revealed very soon.

The project that Guillermo Del Toro has abandoned to take his sabbatical is ‘Fantastic Voyage’. The prep period for this movie was set to begin in early 2018 with production beginning in fall next year. If things had gone to schedule, the plan was to release the movie in 2020. However, Del Toro taking a break is not the first setback this movie has faced. Several other directors have already been lined up for this film and there has been a revolving door of cast members and writers who have been linked to the project and then dropping out.

‘Fantastic Voyage’ is a remake of a 1966 film about a scientist who is dying of a blood clot. The only thing that can save him is for his fellow scientists miniaturizing themselves and entering his bloodstream. The original movie was directed by Richard Fleischer and starred Donald Pleasance and Raquel Welch. The plan is for the new movie to use the same 3D technology that was used in ‘Avatar’ by Cameron. Moviegoers will have to wait and see if it is Guillermo Del Toro who eventually directs this movie or if another director steps into the role.

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