“Jersey Shore Family Vacation” Drops First Trailer

And the insanity continues as Jersey Shore Family Vacation drops its first trailer, and the first idea that it’s going to be a lot of the same with only a few things thrown in for a bit of a twist. Really, did this show need to come back? Perhaps the cast was jonesing for the money and needed a pick me up, or maybe they miss the camera since once they were off no one cared anymore. Seriously, the last time anyone saw them they were either on WWE or playing a minor role in the disaster that was The Three Stooges remake. So why come back now?

It would appear to be because they’ve matured somehow, but looking at the trailer that’s really hard to say with a straight face. This reality show was something that was so far over the top when it first came out that it became a running joke among some people before it was even halfway through the second episode. Now that it’s coming back and the stars have their own families or have at least ‘matured’ it seems like things might be different. Of course a heat shimmer can seem like an oasis in the desert but it’s really just an illusion of something appealing. Why so much shade towards Jersey Shore? Simple, because next to Spongebob Squarepants it’s one of the most nonsensical shows on TV that people seemed to flock to in droves. And the reason for that was so hard to imagine largely because like that cartoon what lay under the surface was so inherently disturbing that you had to wonder just how people were allowing themselves to be fooled by it.

The guys inspired young men across the nation to fake tan and spike their hair up so high that they seemed to grow at least three to four inches while the women, yikes, I won’t go into that one. Let’s just say Snooki was about the only reason that the show ever really got that much attention for its female cast. But bringing it back is just one more reason why the writers and showrunners in Hollywood seem to be slipping these days since no matter if people wanted this back it was one of the most questionable decisions to make. These ‘shore’ shows have had their time. They might seem like a lot of fun to remember and joke about but hearing the cast talk about their kids and yet still go out and get wild like they used to is something that seems a little appalling to some parents despite the fact that some of them would like to do it as well.

Being a parent doesn’t mean you’re dead after all, but it usually means that partying like a teenager is something that you’ve left by the wayside finally. So ‘classy’, ‘mature’, and ‘responsible’ have definitely been left on hold while the Jersey Shore knocks the dust off and tries to make another go of it.

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